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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Raffles and Miss Blandish.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the schools that Crossgates graduates attend?
(a) Eton.
(b) Edinburgh.
(c) Ellison.
(d) Everton.

2. Kipling's ideas result in poetry that portrays the common foot soldier as what?
(a) A rich son.
(b) A poor man.
(c) A hero.
(d) A fool.

3. Dickens was considered a social _______.
(a) Elitist.
(b) Survivor.
(c) Radical.
(d) Reforms.

4. Dickens believes that society's ills are partially due to what?
(a) Lack of morals.
(b) Lack of government.
(c) Lack of families.
(d) Lack of history.

5. McGill postcards' jokes are not witty, but are what?
(a) Humorous.
(b) Disgusting,
(c) Well-writen.
(d) Vulgar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orwell's education at Crossgates is intended to gather him what?

2. Raffles is considered a gentleman _______.

3. What does Orwell remember catching at school?

4. Kipling provides nearly the only literary description of much of nineteenth-century where?

5. Dickens suggests that if man would be decent, then _________ would be decent.

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