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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Reflections on Gandhi.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For Dickens, work is what?
(a) A moral thing.
(b) Something that happens on occasion.
(c) An issue of money.
(d) An event that happens elsewhere.

2. Gandhi believed that he should avoid having what type of friends?
(a) Close friends.
(b) Spiteful friends.
(c) Giving friends.
(d) Religious friends.

3. When political truth is difficult, meaningless ________ becomes acceptable.
(a) Metaphors.
(b) Euphemism.
(c) Imagery.
(d) Descriptions.

4. Raffles is considered a gentleman _______.
(a) Politico.
(b) Bandit.
(c) Officer.
(d) Player.

5. Orwell believes that good English writing demands what?
(a) Work.
(b) Editing.
(c) Attention.
(d) Determination.

Short Answer Questions

1. To a modern sensibility, much of Kipling's philosophy is what?

2. Dickens treats all petty officials with what?

3. In one example, Orwell translates a verse from what book into typical bad English?

4. Orwell believes that Dickens is more than an author, he is a what?

5. At what time period does Raffles capture the public's imagination?

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