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Crossgates Boarding School - This location is a place for young boys that is said to be a common recruiting resource for Harrow and Eton.

Dickens's Novels - These are works that were published in a serialized format and are still in print a century-and-a-half after their original publication.

McGill's Postcards - These things usually feature vulgar, color-washed illustrations, coupled with a printed joke, usually obscene.

The Elephant - This goes crazy and wrecks part of a town and kills one native man in Lower Burma.

Orwell's English - This term refers to the basic principles the author creates for using language that is devoid of several typical structural and usage errors.

The Partial Autobiography of Gandhi - This was serialized in local newspapers and spans the period from birth to 1920.

Marrakech - This is a major city in southwestern Morocco.

The Spanish Civil War - The...

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