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Crossgates Boarding School

This location is a place for young boys that is said to be a common recruiting resource for Harrow and Eton.

Dickens's Novels

These are works that were published in a serialized format and are still in print a century-and-a-half after their original publication.

McGill's Postcards

These things usually feature vulgar, color-washed illustrations, coupled with a printed joke, usually obscene.

The Elephant

This goes crazy and wrecks part of a town and kills one native man in Lower Burma.

Orwell's English

This term refers to the basic principles the author creates for using language that is devoid of several typical structural and usage errors.

The Partial Autobiography of Gandhi

This was serialized in local newspapers and spans the period from birth to 1920.


This is a major city in southwestern Morocco.

The Spanish Civil War

The author fought as an infantryman against the Fascists in...

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