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Such, Such Were the Joys. . .

• Pat 1 begins with the tale of how Orwell, at the age of eight, attends school at Crossgates, a boarding school.

• After two weeks at the school, Orwell begins to wet his bed, even though he is told bedwetting is unacceptable.

• After his first beating by the headmaster, Orwell proclaims that it didn't hurt, and is sent back for a second, worse, beating.

• Part 2 speaks of how successful Crossgates students attend Harrow or Eaton after graduation.

• At Crossgates there are students from across the social spectrum, from rich to poor, who are scholarship students.

• If you are a scholarship student, your classes are limited to those that don't require extra money and you learn things that help you pass exams and get scholarships to more prestigious schools.

• If you are a rich student, you can take whatever classes you want and you get gifts...

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