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Short Answer Questions

1. How tall does the woman who knows Dimitrios say that he is?

2. When Latimer returns to his room after leaving La Vierge, what is odd about his room?

3. What is Colonel Haki fond of reading?

4. What does Latimer realize as he steps off the train?

5. What does the interpreter drink during dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Grodek eventually friend Bulic? How did he gain control over this man?

2. Why does Grodek laugh during his conversation with Latimer before lunch? What word of advice does he give Latimer?

3. As Latimer gets closer to his meeting with Dimitrios, what ailment does he suffer from? What does he do next?

4. What does Latimer enclose in his anonymous letter to the police? Why does he do this?

5. What role did Dimitrios have in Grodek's operation in Belgrade? How did this work against Grodek?

6. What changes Mr. Peters' opinion of Latimer? What did he find in Latimer's room that caused him so much suspicion?

7. What important person does Marukakis locate in Sofia? What does this person know about Dimitrios?

8. Who helps Latimer find the refugee records of Dimitrios? What name does Latimer find him under?

9. What does Dimitrios offer Latimer to not leave the apartment and get the police? What happens once Latimer leaves?

10. What does Peters tell Dimitrios they will give in return for the money? When do they want the money?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The first time Latimer sees Dimitrios, he is surprised. Write an essay about the actual physical characteristics of DImitrios compared to the ones in Latimer's mind, along with other character's descriptions of Dimitrios. Be sure to use thoughtful detail and analyze Latimer's reaction to his first sighting of Dimitrios.

Essay Topic 2

Take a moment to consider the ending of the novel. How is the final scene between Dimitrios and Peters symbolic of Ambler's view of evil and crime? What about Latimer? Is he without blame in this whole situation? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Think about Peters' relationship with Dimitrios. Write an essay about the business between Dimitrios and Peters, paying special attention to Peters' descriptions of Dimitrios. What were the warning signs that Dimitrios was going to double-cross him?

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