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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Finish the sentence: "A man's features, the bone structure and the tissue that covers it, are the product of a biological process; but his face________".
(a) Is a product of violence.
(b) He creates through life.
(c) He creates for himself.
(d) Is a window to the soul.

2. What friend of DImitrios did Visser go to in order to find out where DImitrios was?
(a) The Grand Duchess.
(b) Irana Preveza.
(c) A. Vazoff.
(d) Madame la Cometesse.

3. How many murders does Latimer estimate Dimitrios has committed?
(a) Two.
(b) Four.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Too many to count.

4. In Chapter 12, when does Mr. Peters say he last saw Dimitrios?
(a) Three years ago.
(b) One year ago.
(c) Yesterday.
(d) He hasn't seen him since the drug bust.

5. What does Ambler compare a face to?
(a) A window.
(b) A picture.
(c) A telltale sign of one's character.
(d) A mask.

6. After agreeing to Peters' plan to blackmail Dimitrios, what does Latimer contemplate in his own hotel room?
(a) The meaning of life.
(b) Evil.
(c) Heaven and Hell.
(d) Blackmail.

7. On the night of their meeting with Dimitrios, what does Peters ask of Latimer before they depart?
(a) If he can get Latimer's autograph.
(b) If he will stay for one more night while the deal goes through.
(c) If he can have Latimer's address in England.
(d) If he will lend him some money.

8. What nationality did Grodek pose as while in Belgrade?
(a) German.
(b) French.
(c) Russian.
(d) Italian.

9. Who does Latimer say Grodek was employed by?
(a) Poland.
(b) Italy.
(c) Switzerland.
(d) France.

10. What kind of coffee does Mr. Peters make for Latimer and himself when Latimer visits his apartment?
(a) American.
(b) Italian.
(c) French.
(d) Algerian.

11. When Latimer and Peters go to the hotel room, what does Latimer become afraid of?
(a) Peters pulling his gun on him.
(b) Dimitrios being able to find him afterward.
(c) Peters messing the meeting up.
(d) Dimitrios not showing up.

12. What does Mr. Peters show Latimer inside his clothes cupboard?
(a) A nice coat.
(b) Dimitrios.
(c) A pile of money.
(d) A secret passage.

13. Who turned informant on the crew and got them all arrested?
(a) DImitrios.
(b) Visser.
(c) Peters.
(d) The Grand Duchess.

14. Where does Grodek live?
(a) Sofia.
(b) Geneva.
(c) Poland.
(d) Athens.

15. How old was Bulic when Grodek originally met him?
(a) Between 20 and 30.
(b) Between 30 and 40.
(c) Between 50 and 60.
(d) Between 40 and 50.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much money did Peters lend Visser during the time that Visser was looking for DImitrios?

2. What does Peters want Latimer to help him with?

3. What is Latimer's first impression of Dimitrios when he walks into the hotel room?

4. What color are Dimitrios' eyes?

5. After the first drug bust where 6 of the crew were arrested, what did Dimitrios demand they do?

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