A Coffin for Dimitrios Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What did Latimer do for the first fifteen years of his adult life? How did this change?

Latimer was a university professor for the first fifteen years of his adult life. He began writing novels and then quit his university job to write full time.

2. For what three reasons did Latimer become a professional writer?

Latimer became a writer for three reasons: First, he had a quarrel with the university; second, was that he had an illness; third, was that he was unmarried.

3. Where does Latimer stay when he arrives in Istanbul? What are the conditions of his lodging place?

Latimer stays at Madame Chavez's villa when he arrives in Istanbul. He is in a wonderful villa, but is extremely uncomfortable with the company.

4. Who does Latimer meet when he is in Istanbul? What characteristics does the man have? What does Latimer learn about the man later?

Latimer meets Colonel Haki when he is in Istanbul. Colonel Haki is loud, raucous, and leers at women. Latimer later learns that he is possibly head of the secret police and a ruthless policeman.

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