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Istanbul, Turkey - This place is where Latimer first learns about Dimitrios, and his adventure begins.

The Mortuary - Latimer accompanies Colonel Haki to this place to see Dimitrios.

Smyrna - This is the place where Dimitrios commits his first known murder in 1922.

Sofia, Bulgaria - Dimitrios enters this city through Greece, and he becomes involved in a plot to murder the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Stambulisky.

The Train to Sofia - Latimer first meets Mr. Peters here, where Peters learns from Latimer what hotel he will be staying at.

Eurasian Credit Trust - This is a shady organization, possibly involved in the heroin trade. It was likely the source for financial backing of the assassination attempts against Stambulisky.

La Viérge St. Marie - This is a nightclub owned by Irana Preveza, and Dimitrios and Marukakis go there to find information about Dimitrios.

Villa Acacias -...

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