A Coffin for Dimitrios Character Descriptions

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Charles Latimer - This character is a detective novelist from England, who began his career as a university professor.

Dimitrios Makropoulos/Talat/Taladis/Rougemont, a.k.a C.K. - This character is the subject of the novelist's investigation. He is a cold-blooded criminal who eludes escape and even fakes his own death.

Mr. Peters/Petersen/Caillé - This character is one of the central operators in a drug operation in Paris.

Madame Chávez - This character owns an expensive but uncomfortable villa in Istanbul.

Colonel Haki - This character is rumored to be head of the secret police and possibly a torturer. He is also a rakish man, flirting with women.

Collinson - This character is the manager of the novelist's bank in Istanbul.

Sholem - This character was a former Jew who converted to Islam. He was a moneylender who was robbed and...

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