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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What group does Arya despise?
(a) The Dragons Hunt.
(b) The Night's Watch.
(c) The Harrenhal Guard.
(d) Bloody Mummers.

2. When Osha offers to enter Theon's service, who does this hurt?
(a) Rickon.
(b) Yoren.
(c) Arya.
(d) Bran.

3. Who is found missing when Theon awakens in the night in "Chapter 51, Theon"?
(a) Bran and Rickon.
(b) Arya.
(c) Rickon.
(d) Gendry.

4. Where is Bran Stark when he dreams and sees through the eyes of Summer, his direwolf?
(a) Harrenhal.
(b) Winterfell.
(c) The Wall.
(d) The House of the Undying.

5. What ruins the ships that tries to escape the harbor after the battle at the river?
(a) A group of direwolves.
(b) Oil fires.
(c) The chain boom.
(d) A group of dragons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Theon tell Rodrik he will do every day, until Rodrik and his army retreat?

2. Who do Hodor and Osha go to see in godswood?

3. Who tries to keep Tyrion Lannister asleep in "Chapter 68, Tyrion"?

4. Where does Sansa go to talk to Dontos at the beginning of "Chapter 53, Sansa"?

5. What jumps out of a box that is given to Daenerys and tries to attack her?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Tyrion meets with the council, what do they discuss, and what changes do they make?

2. What happens during the meeting between Sansa and Dontos in "Chapter 66, Sansa"?

3. Describe the battle that involves Stannis' army at the riverfront.

4. How is Arya able to escape Roose Bolton's rule in Harrnehal, and who travels with her?

5. What does Arya Stark learn while in Roose Bolton's chambers, and what does she find while there?

6. What happens between Cersei and Tyrion involving Tyrion's relationship with a whore?

7. What is Theon Greyjoy's emotional reaction to having killed Bran and Rickon Stark and what happens to him because of his crimes?

8. Why does Catelyn Stark go to visit Jaime in the dungeon with Brienne?

9. What does Bran Stark use his third eye for in "Chapter 70, Bran"?

10. Discuss the dream Jon Snow has in "Chapter 54, Jon" and the role of the eagle.

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