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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives to become a Hand to the King?
(a) Tywin.
(b) Tyrion.
(c) Joffrey.
(d) Jojen.

2. What does Joffrey command in the battle of the city at the beginning of "Chapter 58, Sansa"?
(a) The stern of a boat.
(b) The wheel of a boat.
(c) The sail of a boat.
(d) The trebuchets of a boat.

3. Who does Daenerys refuse to sell a dragon to?
(a) Xaro.
(b) Hexen.
(c) Helo.
(d) Zeno.

4. After killing Bran and Rickon, what happens to Theon Greyjoy?
(a) He is killed.
(b) He is taunted by the people of the city.
(c) He goes on an angry wrath of murder.
(d) He begins to have bad luck.

5. When Jaime mocks Catelyn, what does she ask Brienne to bring her?
(a) Her sword.
(b) Her gun.
(c) Her pray beads.
(d) Her statue of a god.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pushes Mandom overboard, causing his death?

2. Whose heads are mounted on the castle wall of Theon Greyjoy?

3. Where does Sansa go to talk to Dontos at the beginning of "Chapter 53, Sansa"?

4. What happens to the people who do not swear loyalty to Joffrey?

5. What does Joffrey make Sansa kiss before going into battle?

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