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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who makes Theon Greyjoy a sleeping potion when he is unable to sleep without nightmares?
(a) Maester Luwin.
(b) Daenerys
(c) Melisandre.
(d) Maci.

2. Who is found dead at the beginning of "Chapter 55, Tyrion"?
(a) Arya Stark.
(b) Bran and Rickon.
(c) Rickon.
(d) Cersei and Arya Stark.

3. What is the supposed fate of Tyrion, after the battle at the river?
(a) He is the winner.
(b) He is held captive.
(c) He is dead.
(d) He is going to be hung.

4. What happens to the people who do not swear loyalty to Joffrey?
(a) They are killed.
(b) They forced to pledge their loyalty.
(c) They are made to be servants.
(d) They are put in the dungeon.

5. Who complains to Arya that the castle where Arya is serving is worse than it's ever been?
(a) Gendry.
(b) Melisandre.
(c) Hot Pie.
(d) Yoren.

6. Who agrees to escape the castle of Roose Bolton with Arya?
(a) Gendry.
(b) Yoren and Hot Pie.
(c) Hot Pie and Gendry.
(d) Melisandra.

7. What does Arya make that is used to kill the guards in Harrenhal?
(a) Poison.
(b) Weapons.
(c) Sleeping potion.
(d) Broth.

8. Who vouches for Jon Snow when he is caught by the wildings and threatened to be killed?
(a) Revelee.
(b) Joja.
(c) Jojen.
(d) Ygritte

9. When Jon Snow and Ghorin begin to flee back to the Fist of the First Men, what do they hear behind them?
(a) Chimes.
(b) Whistles.
(c) Horns.
(d) Bells.

10. Who is found missing when Theon awakens in the night in "Chapter 51, Theon"?
(a) Rickon.
(b) Arya.
(c) Gendry.
(d) Bran and Rickon.

11. Why is Tyrion not told the location of where Tommen is being held for safety?
(a) In case Tyrion changes his mind about keeping Tommen safe.
(b) In case Tyrion is tortured for information.
(c) Because Tommen is really not being held in a safe location.
(d) In case Tyrion goes looking for Tommen.

12. Where do Stannis's troops have a ram?
(a) The Master's Keep.
(b) The King's Dungeon.
(c) The King's Gate.
(d) The Ships Sail.

13. Who enters the House of the Undying against the advice of his men?
(a) Daenerys Targaryen.
(b) Jaqen.
(c) Stannis.
(d) Arya.

14. Who is ordered to kill Ygritte but instead, lets her go?
(a) Ramsey Snow.
(b) Bran.
(c) Rickon.
(d) Jon Snow.

15. Where are Bran and Rickon killed?
(a) The hill.
(b) The Tower.
(c) The Wall.
(d) The mill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jaime admit to Catelyn?

2. What does Joffrey command in the battle of the city at the beginning of "Chapter 58, Sansa"?

3. Where does Sansa go to talk to Dontos at the beginning of "Chapter 53, Sansa"?

4. Who are the Undying?

5. Who tells Daenerys her visions are not important?

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