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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 60, Tyrion and Chapter 61, Sansa.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cersei accuse Tyrion of wanting to do?
(a) Escape the city.
(b) Kill her.
(c) Kill himself.
(d) Kill Joffrey.

2. Who helps Arya escape from King's Landing?
(a) Catelyn Stark.
(b) Jaime Lannister.
(c) Yoren.
(d) Brienne.

3. Whose whereabouts does Ser Gregor Clegane want information on?
(a) Arya.
(b) Allastar.
(c) Ser Beric.
(d) Ramsey Snow.

4. Who is in charge of ensuring the release of Arya and Sansa Stark from Riverrun?
(a) Yoren.
(b) Tyrion.
(c) Joffrey.
(d) Catelyn Stark.

5. What rule does Tyrion enact on the people that makes them angry?
(a) Imprisonment if trying to escape.
(b) War on the townspeople.
(c) A curfew.
(d) A decrease in wages.

Short Answer Questions

1. What trick does Arya want Jaqen to teach her?

2. Who is placed in the seat of honor at the banquet held by the Greyjoy family?

3. What does Cersei tell Tyrion she knows about him?

4. Who is blamed for killing Renly Baratheon when dressing for battle?

5. Who plans to help Sansa escape from Joffrey?

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