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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 55, Tyrion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Weese make Arya do for him?
(a) Clean his castle.
(b) Join his army.
(c) Serve him food.
(d) Send messages.

2. Why does Edmure want to guard the river fords?
(a) So Arya Stark won't try to attack.
(b) So the peasants will not receive their food.
(c) So Myrcella won't be able to arrive with her fleet.
(d) So Tywin can't cross.

3. Who does Cersei hope will destroy each other?
(a) Renly and Catelyn.
(b) Catelyna and Robb.
(c) Stannis and Renly.
(d) Stannis and Jaime.

4. Who owns a wolf named Nymeria?
(a) Tywin Lannister.
(b) Arya Stark.
(c) Jaime Lannister.
(d) Catelyn Stark.

5. Who is known as the Bloody Mummers?
(a) The city watch.
(b) Stannis's army.
(c) The Brave Companions.
(d) The Night's Watch.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Robb Stark convince Catelyn Stark to meet with at the beginning of "Chapter 23, Catelyn"?

2. What does Tyrion direct the smiths in his chambers to make?

3. Who will be killed if harm is brought to Sansa Stark?

4. Who informs Tyrion Lannister that Renly Baratheon has been killed?

5. What is the name of Bran Stark's direwolf?

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