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The Seven Kingdoms

This place has seasons that last for years at a time and is the main country of Westeros.


This is the name of location that holds House Targaryen.


This is the location where Patchface is found as a boy by Lord Steffon.

Storm's End

This is the location where Ser Davos Seaworth is knighted.

The Citadel

This place is the headquarters of the Maesters.

King's Landing

This is the location where Joffrey Baratheon holds the throne and Arya Stark escapes after the death of her father.

Tower of the Hand

This place is said to be cursed.

The Wall

This divides the Seven Kingdoms from the wild lands in the north.

Castle Black

This is the stronghold of the Night's Watch who guard the wall.


This is where the Stark family lives.


This stronghold is controlled by men who are loyal...

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