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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1, Prologue, Maester Cressen | Chapter 2, Arya and Chapter 3, Sansa Symbolism is discussed in "Chapter 1" with the mention of the red comet, the white raven and dragons. The objective of this lesson is to learn how each of these items portray symbolism.

1) Class Discussion: The red comet is viewed by Maester Cressen at Dragonstone. What does he believe the red comet symbolizes? What other possibilities are mentioned? What does the belief in symbolism of the red comet show about the people of the continent of Westeros?

2) Partner Discussion: The white raven signals the decade long summer is over. Does everyone believe this? Is there proof the summer is really ending besides the white raven appearing? Is the white raven purely a legendary symbol for the people in the story?

3) Journal Writing: Write a paragraph or two in a journal, responding to the following questions. Who comes seeking...

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