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Chapter Abstracts

Chapter 1, Prologue, Maester Cressen | Chapter 2, Arya and Chapter 3, Sansa

* Measter Cressen is at the home of the Targaryens; he watches a red comet streak through the sky, which he believes to be a bad omen.

* Shireen and her fool Patchface want to see the white raven.

* Cressen visits Stannis, who has declared himself king.

* Melisandre, the red woman, says the red comet in the sky is dragon breath.

* Cressen plots to poison Melisandre with wine.

* Cressen dies from drinking from Melisandre's poisoned cup; Melisandre lives because of the protection of her amulet.

* Arya escapes King's Landing, after her father Eddard Stark is executed.

* Sansa attends a tournament honoring King Joffrey, her fiancé.

Chapter 4, Tyrion | Chapter 5, Bran and Chapter 6, Arya

* Tyrion Lannister meets the small council.

* Tyrion is gives a letter to his sister Cersei which names him as Hand, chief adviser to the king.

* Cersei threatens to say...

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