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Laura Whitcomb
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as the preacher begins to talk?
(a) People begin to walk away.
(b) The mother gasps.
(c) Helen moves into the girl's body.
(d) The girl gets angry.

2. How does Helen learn more about Jenny?
(a) She reads her journal.
(b) She asks the parents.
(c) She calls the numbers in the girl's cell phone.
(d) She goes through the girl's belongings.

3. Where does Mitch drive for their monthly ritual?
(a) A restaurant.
(b) The mall.
(c) A cemetery.
(d) St. Jude's.

4. Who does Helen call when she can't get through to James?
(a) Jenny's best friend.
(b) Mr. Brown.
(c) Jenny.
(d) Her mother.

5. What bothers James about being in Billy's body?
(a) He feels pain.
(b) He never knows what problems will arise from Billy's past.
(c) He is always hungry.
(d) He can't pass through objects anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What distracts Helen from learning?

2. What does Helen miss when they are out?

3. Why was Billy's body in rough shape?

4. Who does the ghost cleave to at the party when her young host dies?

5. What are the two kinds of ghosts according to James?

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