A Certain Slant of Light Fun Activities

Laura Whitcomb
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A Quote Book

Helen's first host was reading poetry by Keats out loud. Make a small, illustrated book out of some of your favorite quotes by John Keats.

Drug Addiction Research

James went into Billy's body after the boy had a drug overdose. Research the most addictive drugs and explain why they are so addictive.

Writing Fun

Helen discovers that she can grip a pencil through James' fingers. Pick a partner and take turns trying to write by using someone else's hand.

Show. Don't Tell.

Mr. Brown is teaching his students about descriptive writing--writing with the senses by showing not telling. Take a simple children's early reader and re-write it using descriptive language.

Ghost Hunts

People love to talk about ghosts and spirits. Do some local research and compile a small booklet highlighting local hauntings.

Free Fall

Helen experiences a falling feeling that makes her gasp after she...

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