A Certain Slant of Light Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laura Whitcomb
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Chapters 1-4

• A dead woman notices that one of the students in a classroom can see her.

• She remembers her early hauntings.
• The ghost gets her first host.

• The host dies.

• She moves on to a series of other hosts.

• She tests the boy to see if he is really seeing her.
• The ghost speaks to the boy. He tells her not to be afraid, but she rushes away.

• After a few days, she goes back to the class.

• The boy and ghost talk with each other after class and share names.
• James describes how he came to be in Billy's body.

• Helen shares all she remembers about her life before death.
• James and Helen tease each other in class.

• Helen learns that she can write by gripping James' hand.
• Helen helps James with his homework.

• The Browns discuss having a baby, and Helen feels like an intruder...

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