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Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Norton give John about the pharmacy at Memorial Hospital?

2. What is happening outside of the Lee's home?

3. Both John and George Wilson realize that even if Karen was not pregnant, this is not enough to do what?

4. When John and George arrive at the Randall residence, what are they surprised to see out front?

5. George Wilson suggests that one alternative in order to free Art is to take sensitive information to the Randall family and try to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize John Berry's meeting with Roman Jones.

2. Although Sanderson and John can easily shift the blame to Peter Randall and away from Art Lee, John has his misgivings. Why?

3. What viable alternatives does George Wilson present to John Berry as they ponder how to prove Art's innocence?

4. Why does John end up in the emergency room?

5. After John helps Betty Lee board up the broken windows in her house and tends to her children's cuts, he calls attorney George Wilson. What do he and George agree to do?

6. Summarize John's encounter with Sam Archer.

7. Describe the demonstration outside the home of the Lee family.

8. How do Angela and Bubbles act towards John when he meets them and asks about Karen?

9. What does Norton tell John is missing from Memorial Hospital?

10. When John visits Dr. Fritz Werner at his office, what does Fritz say about Karen?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the members of the Randall family: J.D., Ev, Karen, Peter, and William. State everything that makes this a dysfunctional family. Explain how they hide secrets to protect their image.

Essay Topic 2

J.D. Randall accuses John Berry of harassing his family members. Do you agree or disagree with his assessment? Is John harassing, or is he merely trying to get to the truth? Is there a difference between the two? Does J.D.'s accusation come with ulterior motives?

Essay Topic 3

Almost from the start, tension exists between John and several other characters. Cite specific examples when this tension works against John and when it works in his favor in his interactions with the following characters:

1. Captain Peterson.

2. J.D. Randall.

3. Roman Jones.

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