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Short Answer Questions

1. Even though Lewis Carr, clinical professor of medicine at Boston Memorial, declines to talk with John by phone, he does explain what?

2. As John stops to watch an open-heart surgical operation, he compares it to what?

3. John learns that Karen had been rushed to the hospital after she was found __________.

4. When John meets with Lewis Carr and talks to him in person, he learns that after being taken to the emergency by her mother, Karen had been given what?

5. What adjective does William Randall use to describe Karen Randall?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the major findings made during Karen Randall's autopsy?

2. During the dinner party at George Morris' house, how do different people interact with John Berry?

3. After John helps Betty Lee board up the broken windows in her house and tends to her children's cuts, he calls attorney George Wilson. What do he and George agree to do?

4. Who is Alan Zenner, and why does John talk with him?

5. According to John, autopsies are required to be performed under what circumstances?

6. Summarize John Berry's meeting with Roman Jones.

7. Describe the connection between Suzanne Blake and Art Lee.

8. Why does Peter refuse to perform an abortion on Karen the last time she asks him for one?

9. Why has George Bradford declined to take Art Lee's case?

10. What secret information does Sanderson reveal to John about Peter Randall?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Dr. Berry is cautioned every step of the way not to get involved in Art Lee's murder case. Why are other doctors so reluctant to get involved? Do they believe Art Lee is guilty? Is he being used as a scapegoat? Why does Dr. Berry continue with his unofficial investigation? Why does he believe Art even when many others do not?

Essay Topic 2

Despite the fact that Peter Randall seems to be hiding something and may be implicated in Karen's death, John Berry likes him and hopes to find him innocent. Why? What bonds these two doctors? Why do they have a cordial rapport in spite of apparently working on opposing sides of Art's case?

Essay Topic 3

In his detective work, John is able to put together the pieces of the puzzle through a combination of what people tell him and what lab results indicate. Give two examples of each, stating what secrets are unlocked in each case.

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