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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As John plans his strategy for Thursday, he gets a phone call from whom?
(a) Peter Randall.
(b) Betty Lee.
(c) J.D. Randall.
(d) Angela Harding.

2. What does John say about doctors who drink large quantities of alcohol?
(a) They get sleepy.
(b) Most do not act drunk.
(c) They reveal confidential information about patients.
(d) Most sound smarter.

3. At the hospital, John tests Roman Jones' blood and determines what?
(a) That he was high on morphine.
(b) That he has a rare blood disease.
(c) That he was high on heroin.
(d) That he had been poisoned.

4. John concludes that Karen had a problem with what?
(a) Her Pineal gland.
(b) Her Hypothalamus.
(c) Her Epiglottis.
(d) Her Thyroid.

5. Before leaving his house and heading over to the Lee residence, what does John do?
(a) He calls his mother.
(b) He calls the Boston Globe.
(c) He packs a gun.
(d) He packs a lunch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John learn from Murphy about the results of blood tests done on Karen?

2. After talking with Dr. Sanderson, John learns that Peter Randall __________.

3. After pediatrician Charlie Frank tells John that rumor has it that he is involved in abortions, what else does he say?

4. What does Fritz reveal to John about Ev Randall?

5. Peter suspected that Karen might have a problem with what?

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