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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John and George arrive at the Randall residence, what are they surprised to see out front?
(a) Karen's car.
(b) Peter's car.
(c) Police officers.
(d) Members of the KKK.

2. J.D. Randall and Peter Randall do not realize that they are being watched and that __________.
(a) George is taking careful notes of the unfolding events.
(b) John is texting his wife about what the Randalls are doing.
(c) John has called the police over.
(d) George is taking pictures of their actions.

3. John recalls that Peter had called his niece Karen what?
(a) A conniving, manipulative woman.
(b) An out-of-control train wreck.
(c) An hysterical young girl.
(d) A sad girl suffering from multiple personality disorder.

4. After learning that he needs to talk with someone named Bubbles, whom does John ask about the identity of Bubbles?
(a) Norton Hammond.
(b) George Morris.
(c) Peter Randall.
(d) Charlie Frank.

5. John Berry and Dr. Sanderson are well aware that as a result of Art's case, both of them could what?
(a) Have to testify against each other.
(b) Be killed.
(c) Have to leave the country.
(d) Be implicated.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John say about doctors who drink large quantities of alcohol?

2. Who is Norton Francis Hammond?

3. When a reporter arrives at the Lee household, John makes it a point to talk about what?

4. When John reaches the Lee household, what does he find in their front yard?

5. How many abortions did Peter perform on Karen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Peter refuse to perform an abortion on Karen the last time she asks him for one?

2. Summarize John's encounter with Sam Archer.

3. How does John's hunch pay off when he meets Angela Harding?

4. What does Norton tell John is missing from Memorial Hospital?

5. After John helps Betty Lee board up the broken windows in her house and tends to her children's cuts, he calls attorney George Wilson. What do he and George agree to do?

6. During the dinner party at George Morris' house, how do different people interact with John Berry?

7. Why does John end up in the emergency room?

8. What vital information is revealed when John Berry meets Peter Randall for lunch?

9. When John visits Dr. Fritz Werner at his office, what does Fritz say about Karen?

10. When John is in the hospital, what happens to Roman Jones?

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