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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John goes to Mallory Lab to talk to Dr. Weston about Karen's autopsy results, what does Weston do?
(a) He tells John that the results are none of his business.
(b) He explains that he is not allowed to discuss the results.
(c) He shows John all the postmortem examination slides.
(d) He threatens to call the police.

2. What is Norton Hammond doing when John finds him talking with Judith?
(a) Smoking marijuana.
(b) Hiding from his boss.
(c) Eating pizza.
(d) Drawing doodles in his notebook.

3. As John talks with Angela, it becomes very clear that she is what?
(a) A school teacher.
(b) A police informant.
(c) A drug addict.
(d) A jewel thief.

4. George Wilson says that the only other way to free Art is to find the real abortionist, but ___________.
(a) This person will be difficult to find in time for the trial.
(b) This person could convince the court he or she is innocent.
(c) It is very possible that Art is the real abortionist.
(d) Jurors could still ignore the evidence and accuse Art.

5. After John thinks about shifting the blame for Karen's death to Peter and away from Art, what does he do?
(a) Questions his motives.
(b) Laughs at his stupidity.
(c) Finds the idea repulsive.
(d) Gets himself drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. After talking with Dr. Sanderson, John learns that Peter Randall __________.

2. At Sam's place, John learns that Bubbles is with whom?

3. When John goes to Fritz Werner's office, Fritz says that Karen was what?

4. Fritz Werner explains that he ___________.

5. Whenever John mentions Karen, Sam Archer says that she was __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What challenges does George Wilson, Art Lee's new lawyer, face in trying to convince a jury of Art's innocence?

2. Describe Dr. Norton Francis Hammond.

3. Although Sanderson and John can easily shift the blame to Peter Randall and away from Art Lee, John has his misgivings. Why?

4. How does John's hunch pay off when he meets Angela Harding?

5. Describe the demonstration outside the home of the Lee family.

6. What secret information does Sanderson reveal to John about Peter Randall?

7. Why does Angela Harding end up in the hospital while John is recovering there?

8. How does John's wife, Judith, feel at the dinner party at George Morris' house?

9. Why does John end up in the emergency room?

10. What conflicting results does John receive regarding Karen's possible pregnancy?

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