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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John talks to Roman Jones, he is accused of being what?
(a) A cop.
(b) A drug dealer.
(c) An IRS agent.
(d) A spy.

2. At the hospital, John tests Roman Jones' blood and determines what?
(a) That he has a rare blood disease.
(b) That he had been poisoned.
(c) That he was high on heroin.
(d) That he was high on morphine.

3. When John reaches the Lee household, what does he find in their front yard?
(a) Signs with derogatory words.
(b) A smoldering cross.
(c) An assortment of flowers.
(d) A dead cat.

4. In the presence of the reporter, what does John demand for the Lee family?
(a) A new house.
(b) Financial remuneration.
(c) Police protection.
(d) An apology.

5. Who supposedly lives with Sam Archer?
(a) Bubbles.
(b) Stripes.
(c) Serena.
(d) Beula.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whenever John mentions Karen, Sam Archer says that she was __________.

2. John recalls that Peter had called his niece Karen what?

3. When Signe, J.D. Randall's mistress, left the country, what happened to Karen?

4. Why did Peter refuse to perform another abortion on Karen?

5. When a reporter arrives at the Lee household, John makes it a point to talk about what?

Short Essay Questions

1. During the dinner party at George Morris' house, how do different people interact with John Berry?

2. What does John say to Norton when he finds him smoking marijuana at George Morris' place?

3. What conflicting results does John receive regarding Karen's possible pregnancy?

4. How do Angela and Bubbles act towards John when he meets them and asks about Karen?

5. Summarize John Berry's meeting with Roman Jones.

6. Why does John end up in the emergency room?

7. Describe the demonstration outside the home of the Lee family.

8. Why does Angela Harding end up in the hospital while John is recovering there?

9. When John is in the hospital, what happens to Roman Jones?

10. How does John's wife, Judith, feel at the dinner party at George Morris' house?

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