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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Mrs. McPherson dies during heart surgery, her surgeon says he does not know what?
(a) How to tell her four children.
(b) If she had been diagnosed correctly.
(c) How to explain this to his supervisor.
(d) If he will lose his license to practice medicine.

2. What does John learn from Judith and Betty about George Bradford, Art's lawyer?
(a) He is about to take a two-week vacation.
(b) He will not take the case.
(c) He will not return their calls.
(d) He has just been hospitalized after an accident.

3. When John shares with Peter Randall that he feels Karen's autopsy shows she was not pregnant, what does Peter say?
(a) "You're kidding."
(b) "That's not possible."
(c) "You're lying."
(d) "That's very interesting."

4. What does John say in response to the Randall family's belief that Karen had paid Art Lee three hundred dollars for an abortion?
(a) It would be easy to trace the check and see who had cashed it.
(b) Art always charges twenty-five dollars only to cover lab costs.
(c) The family needs to stop framing Art.
(d) Art accepts no money whatsoever for doing an abortion.

5. As the doctor finishes up the autopsy on Karen, what does John note?
(a) Karen's pregnancy had been plagued with problems.
(b) It should be easy to prove Art's innocence.
(c) It is perfectly clear Karen had been murdered.
(d) The results will not show for certain if Karen was pregnant.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John speaks with George Bradford, what does he realize?

2. Roger Whiting tells John Berry that he had given Karen Randall penicillin __________.

3. What does the person conducting the autopsy on Karen notice about her uterus?

4. After coming to the conclusion that Art Lee uses discernment and compassion in deciding whether or not to perform an abortion, John Berry begins doing what?

5. What happens when John Berry arrives at the police station and requests to see Dr. Lee?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the major findings made during Karen Randall's autopsy?

2. Who is Mrs. McPherson, and what happens to her?

3. When John goes to the radiology department at Memorial Hospital, what does the radiologist tell him?

4. Summarize how John Berry describes Boston City Hospital.

5. Summarize the conversation that takes place between John and Ev outside of the Randall home.

6. Why has George Bradford declined to take Art Lee's case?

7. Why is John surprised to see J.D. Randall performing open heart surgery?

8. How does J.D. Randall deflect pointed questions John Berry asks of him during their first conversation?

9. How does J.D. Randall, Karen's father, first attempt to get John Berry to stop working on Art Lee's case?

10. How does being a doctor help John with his unofficial investigation of Karen's death?

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