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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As John stops to watch an open-heart surgical operation, he compares it to what?
(a) A surrealistic ballet.
(b) A scene from an old B movie.
(c) A well-rehearsed Broadway play.
(d) A baseball game where the points matter.

2. Alan Zenner explains to John that Karen had claimed she was pregnant and was scared about having an abortion, but he _________.
(a) Did not like her.
(b) Did not believe her.
(c) Did not have time to comfort her.
(d) Did not care.

3. Alan Zenner tells John that Karen __________.
(a) Was a model student.
(b) Had a bad reputation.
(c) Was about to drop out of college.
(d) Had multiple personalities.

4. Roger Whiting explains to John Berry that Karen Randall's most prominent symptom was what?
(a) Inability to speak.
(b) Severe back pain.
(c) Inability to see clearly.
(d) Severe bleeding.

5. In talking to Karen's roommate, John learns that Karen had claimed what?
(a) She had had abortions before entering college.
(b) She had believed someone wanted her dead.
(c) She had never slept with anyone.
(d) She had come from a poor family.

Short Answer Questions

1. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls his wife, Judith, and asks her to do what?

2. Typically, when is John Berry's busiest time in the pathology lab?

3. When John shares with Peter Randall that he feels Karen's autopsy shows she was not pregnant, what does Peter say?

4. What type of work does Dr. John Berry typically perform in the pathology lab?

5. During John Berry's first conversation with J.D. Randall, what does J.D. try to offer him?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to John, autopsies are required to be performed under what circumstances?

2. Who is Alan Zenner, and why does John talk with him?

3. While John Berry does his work in the pathology lab during the busiest part of the day, who calls him, and why?

4. John Berry compares his puzzlement over Art Lee's case with "the Peru case." What is the Peru case to which he refers?

5. How does being a doctor help John with his unofficial investigation of Karen's death?

6. Why has George Bradford declined to take Art Lee's case?

7. When John Berry spends ten minutes with Art Lee after his arrest, what does Art explain about Karen Randall?

8. After Dr. John Berry learns that Dr. Art Lee has been arrested, he recalls talking with Art about what serious matter?

9. Explain why other doctors let Dr. Frank Conway rant and rave after one of his patients dies.

10. Describe the connection between Suzanne Blake and Art Lee.

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