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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John calls Lewis Carr after meeting with the medical intern, what is Lewis' demeanor?
(a) Guarded and reserved.
(b) Frightened and apologetic.
(c) Angry and belligerent.
(d) Giddy and bouyant.

2. Roger Whiting explains to John Berry that Karen Randall's most prominent symptom was what?
(a) Severe bleeding.
(b) Severe back pain.
(c) Inability to see clearly.
(d) Inability to speak.

3. Suzanne Blake is a college student who __________.
(a) Becomes pregnant by accident.
(b) Desperately wants a baby.
(c) Falls in love with a professor.
(d) Has survived cervical cancer.

4. Who is William Harvey Shattuck Randall?
(a) Karen's uncle.
(b) Karen's brother.
(c) Karen's stepbrother.
(d) Karen's grandfather.

5. Arthur Lee agrees to Suzanne Blake's request after he does what?
(a) Spends a sleepless night debating what to do.
(b) Consults with his best friend, John Berry.
(c) Clears his schedule to make room for her.
(d) Has a lengthy conversation with his spiritual adviser.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John Berry tells Arthur Lee that continuing to perform abortions is insane, Lee defends himself by saying what?

2. In John's commentary on Boston City Hospital, he explains that the facility __________.

3. When John meets with Lewis Carr and talks to him in person, he learns that after being taken to the emergency by her mother, Karen had been given what?

4. When John talks to a radiologist named Hughes about Karen's head X-rays, what does he learn?

5. After John Berry gets an unexpected call in the pathology lab, what does he learn?

Short Essay Questions

1. What vital information is revealed when John Berry meets Peter Randall for lunch?

2. Summarize the conversation that takes place between John and Ev outside of the Randall home.

3. According to John, autopsies are required to be performed under what circumstances?

4. After Art Lee thanks John Berry for everything he has done to make him a free man, what does he say about his future plans?

5. When John visits Dr. Weston after being released from the hospital, what additional information does he uncover?

6. Why does John take a sample of Karen's blood to Dr. Jim Murphy?

7. Who is Mrs. McPherson, and what happens to her?

8. Summarize the encounter between John Berry and Roger Whiting, the medical intern who had given Karen penicillin without first checking for allergies.

9. When John visits Dr. Fritz Werner at his office, what does Fritz say about Karen?

10. Who is Alan Zenner, and why does John talk with him?

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