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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. George Wilson says that the only other way to free Art is to find the real abortionist, but ___________.
(a) This person will be difficult to find in time for the trial.
(b) This person could convince the court he or she is innocent.
(c) Jurors could still ignore the evidence and accuse Art.
(d) It is very possible that Art is the real abortionist.

2. When John goes to Mallory Lab to talk to Dr. Weston about Karen's autopsy results, what does Weston do?
(a) He explains that he is not allowed to discuss the results.
(b) He shows John all the postmortem examination slides.
(c) He tells John that the results are none of his business.
(d) He threatens to call the police.

3. What is Norton Hammond doing when John finds him talking with Judith?
(a) Hiding from his boss.
(b) Drawing doodles in his notebook.
(c) Smoking marijuana.
(d) Eating pizza.

4. Who is George Morris?
(a) Top-notch attorney.
(b) Chief resident of medicine.
(c) Well-respected pediatrician.
(d) Chief police investigator.

5. Why is Angela Harding admitted to the hospital?
(a) She has been attacked by a mugger.
(b) She has tried to kill herself.
(c) She has advanced pneumonia.
(d) She has advanced cancer.

6. As John recovers in the hospital, Roman Jones is brought in with what?
(a) A deep puncture wound.
(b) Second-degree burns.
(c) Multiple gunshot wounds.
(d) A serious head injury.

7. Why do John Berry and George Wilson decide to go talk to J.D. Randall?
(a) To punish him.
(b) To give him a piece of their mind.
(c) To threaten him.
(d) To call off the dogs.

8. What does Angela Harding confess to John Berry?
(a) She is in love with Roman Jones.
(b) She is in love with Peter Randall.
(c) She had attacked Karen with a chair.
(d) She had performed Karen's abortion.

9. As John talks with Angela, it becomes very clear that she is what?
(a) A drug addict.
(b) A jewel thief.
(c) A school teacher.
(d) A police informant.

10. Why does Fritz think that Karen kept getting pregnant?
(a) To spite her father.
(b) She wanted to die.
(c) To punish herself.
(d) She did not know about birth control.

11. John sorts through the Lee's hate mail and finds what?
(a) A threatening letter from police.
(b) Seven letters of support.
(c) One letter of support.
(d) A threatening letter from the hospital.

12. At the hospital, John tests Roman Jones' blood and determines what?
(a) That he has a rare blood disease.
(b) That he had been poisoned.
(c) That he was high on heroin.
(d) That he was high on morphine.

13. Whenever John mentions Karen, Sam Archer says that she was __________.
(a) Terrible.
(b) Evil.
(c) Angelic.
(d) Beautiful.

14. When John talks to Roman Jones, he is accused of being what?
(a) A cop.
(b) A spy.
(c) A drug dealer.
(d) An IRS agent.

15. When John checks with Memorial Hospital about Karen's autopsy results, he learns that the official findings are that she died of a reaction from penicillin and complications from what?
(a) Lung disease.
(b) Undetected heart issues.
(c) Hormonal imbalances.
(d) A three-month pregnancy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Peter suspected that Karen might have a problem with what?

2. At the gathering at George Morris' home, Judith wishes that there was less medical jargon and more __________.

3. J.D. Randall and Peter Randall do not realize that they are being watched and that __________.

4. When a reporter arrives at the Lee household, John makes it a point to talk about what?

5. In the presence of the reporter, what does John demand for the Lee family?

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