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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After learning that he needs to talk with someone named Bubbles, whom does John ask about the identity of Bubbles?
(a) George Morris.
(b) Norton Hammond.
(c) Charlie Frank.
(d) Peter Randall.

2. What happens to John when he tries to follow Roman Jones?
(a) He is knocked unconscious.
(b) He is kidnapped.
(c) He is shot.
(d) He is hit by a car.

3. At the gathering at George Morris' home, Judith wishes that there was less medical jargon and more __________.
(a) Vegetarian food.
(b) Talk of politics.
(c) Friendly conversation.
(d) Drinks and appetizers.

4. When talking with John, what information does Fritz confirm?
(a) Peter Randall had performed at least two abortions on Karen.
(b) Peter Randall thought his niece was possessed.
(c) Nobody took Karen seriously anymore.
(d) Karen had attempted suicide at least five times.

5. What information does Norton give John about the pharmacy at Memorial Hospital?
(a) One of the pharmacists was recently fired.
(b) A pharmacist was robbed at gunpoint.
(c) A fire had destroyed a large supply of drugs.
(d) A large quantity of morphine was missing.

6. Why do John Berry and George Wilson decide to go talk to J.D. Randall?
(a) To call off the dogs.
(b) To threaten him.
(c) To give him a piece of their mind.
(d) To punish him.

7. Who is Fritz Werner?
(a) One of Karen's old boyfriends.
(b) Judith's boss and mentor.
(c) A psychiatrist who might be able to help John.
(d) J.D. Randall's closest friend and ally.

8. What does John say about doctors who drink large quantities of alcohol?
(a) Most sound smarter.
(b) They reveal confidential information about patients.
(c) They get sleepy.
(d) Most do not act drunk.

9. George Wilson suggests that one alternative in order to free Art is to take sensitive information to the Randall family and try to do what?
(a) Run them out of town.
(b) Press charges against them.
(c) Persuade the family to drop the case.
(d) Shame them into becoming hermits for a while.

10. As John is being wheeled into an emergency room, he is told what?
(a) His nose is broken.
(b) His foot might be broken.
(c) His jaw might be broken.
(d) His wrist is broken.

11. George Wilson says that the only other way to free Art is to find the real abortionist, but ___________.
(a) Jurors could still ignore the evidence and accuse Art.
(b) It is very possible that Art is the real abortionist.
(c) This person will be difficult to find in time for the trial.
(d) This person could convince the court he or she is innocent.

12. Without being noticed, John and George follow J.D. Randall and Peter Randall and watch them do what?
(a) Hide Peter's car in a densely forested area.
(b) Get into a fist fight.
(c) Take part in a drug deal.
(d) Pour gas in Peter's car and push it over a cliff.

13. What does Angela Harding confess to John Berry?
(a) She is in love with Peter Randall.
(b) She had performed Karen's abortion.
(c) She had attacked Karen with a chair.
(d) She is in love with Roman Jones.

14. Fritz Werner explains that he ___________.
(a) Always believed that Karen was psychotic.
(b) Refused to take Karen on as a patient.
(c) Is terribly afraid of Karen's father.
(d) Had already performed an abortion on Karen.

15. John meets with attorney George Wilson in a bar run by a former what?
(a) Football player.
(b) Rock star.
(c) Wrestler.
(d) Country music legend.

Short Answer Questions

1. As John talks with Angela, it becomes very clear that she is what?

2. Before leaving his house and heading over to the Lee residence, what does John do?

3. John sorts through the Lee's hate mail and finds what?

4. When John meets with Angela Harding, what does she say about Karen?

5. When John goes home and talks with his wife on the phone, she tells him to do what?

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