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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After pediatrician Charlie Frank tells John that rumor has it that he is involved in abortions, what else does he say?
(a) John should stay away from the situation.
(b) John should watch his back.
(c) John should be ashamed of himself.
(d) John should move to another city.

2. When John reaches the Lee household, what does he find in their front yard?
(a) Signs with derogatory words.
(b) An assortment of flowers.
(c) A smoldering cross.
(d) A dead cat.

3. J.D. Randall and Peter Randall do not realize that they are being watched and that __________.
(a) John is texting his wife about what the Randalls are doing.
(b) George is taking careful notes of the unfolding events.
(c) George is taking pictures of their actions.
(d) John has called the police over.

4. Before leaving his house and heading over to the Lee residence, what does John do?
(a) He calls the Boston Globe.
(b) He calls his mother.
(c) He packs a gun.
(d) He packs a lunch.

5. Why did Peter refuse to perform another abortion on Karen?
(a) He concluded that she really wanted the shame of an illegitimate birth.
(b) He decided she would be left with too much internal scarring.
(c) She was too far along in her pregnancy.
(d) He was angry with her.

6. What does John learn from Murphy about the results of blood tests done on Karen?
(a) She was not pregnant.
(b) She was an alcoholic.
(c) She had a rare liver disease.
(d) She had AIDS.

7. George Wilson explains that as an African-American defending an Asian-American abortionist in that particular era in front of a white jury, he faces what big challenge?
(a) Overcoming stereotypes.
(b) Supressing his own disdain.
(c) Keeping his family safe.
(d) Keeping Art alive.

8. When John goes to Mallory Lab to talk to Dr. Weston about Karen's autopsy results, what does Weston do?
(a) He explains that he is not allowed to discuss the results.
(b) He tells John that the results are none of his business.
(c) He shows John all the postmortem examination slides.
(d) He threatens to call the police.

9. What is happening outside of the Lee's home?
(a) A demonstration.
(b) A prayer service.
(c) A candlelight vigil.
(d) A fundraiser.

10. Without being noticed, John and George follow J.D. Randall and Peter Randall and watch them do what?
(a) Hide Peter's car in a densely forested area.
(b) Pour gas in Peter's car and push it over a cliff.
(c) Take part in a drug deal.
(d) Get into a fist fight.

11. Karen had known Roman Jones, a member of which musical group?
(a) The Zephyrs.
(b) The Zeniths.
(c) The Zoomers.
(d) The Zebras.

12. When Signe, J.D. Randall's mistress, left the country, what happened to Karen?
(a) Her boyfriend left her.
(b) Her behavior deteriorated.
(c) She was blamed for Signe's departure.
(d) She was neglected by J.D.

13. George Wilson explains that a second viable approach is to do what?
(a) Bring in dozens of witnesses who support and respect Art.
(b) Present sensitive information about the Randalls in court.
(c) Bring Art's family into the courtroom to win the jury's sympathy.
(d) Make jurors feel like idiots if they do not see that Art is innocent.

14. After learning that he needs to talk with someone named Bubbles, whom does John ask about the identity of Bubbles?
(a) Charlie Frank.
(b) Peter Randall.
(c) George Morris.
(d) Norton Hammond.

15. Why is Angela Harding admitted to the hospital?
(a) She has tried to kill herself.
(b) She has advanced cancer.
(c) She has advanced pneumonia.
(d) She has been attacked by a mugger.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John meets with Peter Randall and tells him that George has taken pictures, Peter wants to know what?

2. When John meets with Angela Harding, what does she say about Karen?

3. As John is being wheeled into an emergency room, he is told what?

4. At the gathering at George Morris' home, Judith wishes that there was less medical jargon and more __________.

5. When talking with John, what information does Fritz confirm?

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