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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As John talks with people who had known Karen, what name starts to pop up?
(a) Alana.
(b) Genevieve.
(c) Justine.
(d) Angela.

2. What adjective does William Randall use to describe Karen Randall?
(a) Bubbly.
(b) Reserved.
(c) Cruel.
(d) Silly.

3. Lewis Carr tells John that according to her stepmother, Karen had named Art Lee as __________.
(a) Her boyfriend.
(b) Her drug supplier.
(c) The abortionist.
(d) The one who talked her out of an abortion.

4. Arthur Lee agrees to Suzanne Blake's request after he does what?
(a) Clears his schedule to make room for her.
(b) Consults with his best friend, John Berry.
(c) Has a lengthy conversation with his spiritual adviser.
(d) Spends a sleepless night debating what to do.

5. How does Roger Whiting respond when John Berry asks him if he plans to settle in Boston?
(a) "I was."
(b) "Maybe."
(c) "Are you joking?"
(d) "Absolutely."

6. J.D. Randall questions John Berry's what?
(a) Integrity.
(b) Motives.
(c) Character.
(d) Skill.

7. When John contacts the pharmacy to learn more about Karen's prescription, he learns that she was taking what?
(a) A placebo.
(b) Pain relief medication.
(c) Antibiotics.
(d) Blood pressure medicine.

8. The person conducting Karen's autopsy determines that the source of her bleeding was what?
(a) A head wound sustained in a fall.
(b) A hole in her uterus.
(c) A hole in her stomach.
(d) An abdominal stab wound.

9. When John calls Lewis Carr after meeting with the medical intern, what is Lewis' demeanor?
(a) Frightened and apologetic.
(b) Angry and belligerent.
(c) Guarded and reserved.
(d) Giddy and bouyant.

10. When Arthur Lee refuses Suzanne Blake's request, she says that she will do what?
(a) Get an abortion from someone who charges two hundred dollars.
(b) Drop out of college and live like a hermit.
(c) Find the next best obstetrician since he will not help her.
(d) Report him to his supervisor.

11. What do John Berry and Frank Conway discuss when John drives Frank to Children's Hospital?
(a) Jim Murphy's questionable character.
(b) Lewis Carr's fear of authority.
(c) Karen Randall's chart.
(d) J.D. Randall's personality and influence.

12. What happens when John Berry arrives at the police station and requests to see Dr. Lee?
(a) He is greeted warmly.
(b) He is almost arrested.
(c) He is refused admittance.
(d) He is told to come back later.

13. Why does Karen's roommate agree to answer John's questions?
(a) She misses Karen terribly.
(b) She is afraid of being arrested.
(c) She thinks he is a lawyer.
(d) She thinks he is a relative.

14. Art Lee explains to John Berry that he had refused to perform an abortion on Karen Randall because __________.
(a) He thought it was a trap.
(b) Her reasons for wanting one were frivolous.
(c) He was afraid of her father.
(d) Her pregnancy was already four months along.

15. John offers several scenarios under which an autopsy would be performed. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons he presents?
(a) The patient dies within a day of arriving at the hospital.
(b) The patient is related to a hospital staff member.
(c) The patient is dead upon arrival at the hospital.
(d) The patient dies under violent or unusual circumstances.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Jack Hendricks prepares to do an autopsy on Karen Randall, John is somewhat taken aback by what?

2. Where does John Kerry have a meeting with William Randall?

3. Art Lee is arrested for the murder of Karen Randall, the daughter of __________.

4. How does J.D. Randall reply when John Berry asks what he would have done if Karen had told him she was pregnant?

5. Who calls Dr. John Berry during his busiest time in the pathology lab?

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