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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When John Berry tells Arthur Lee that continuing to perform abortions is insane, Lee defends himself by saying what?
(a) Women's lives are complicated.
(b) The police are in on it.
(c) It is often the humane answer.
(d) Everyone in the hospital knows what he is doing.

2. Why is John surprised when he learns that J.D. Randall is in the operating room performing open-heart surgery?
(a) His wife has been hospitalized.
(b) His daughter had died the previous evening.
(c) Randall is supposed to be at the police station.
(d) Randall does not have enough experience for this procedure.

3. John learns that Karen had been rushed to the hospital after she was found __________.
(a) Screaming in her room.
(b) Collapsed in the driver's seat.
(c) Hyperventilating in the backyard gazebo.
(d) Crying in the kitchen.

4. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls George Bradford and leaves a message. Who is Bradford?
(a) Art's mentor.
(b) Art's attorney.
(c) John's supervisor.
(d) John's attorney.

5. Who is Alan Zenner?
(a) Karen's drug dealer.
(b) A friend of Karen's.
(c) One of Karen's professors.
(d) Karen's cousin.

6. When Frank Conway enters the pathology lab and encounters John Berry, he throws a tantrum over what?
(a) Being insulted by another doctor.
(b) Having his methods questioned.
(c) Losing a patient on the operating table.
(d) Treating the wrong patient.

7. After Karen's autopsy, John pays a visit to Jim Murphy. Who is Jim?
(a) A pathologist specializing in murder cases.
(b) A biochemist conducting research on steroids in pregnant women.
(c) A detective specializing in hospital murder cases.
(d) A lung specialist conducting research on lung capacity in pregnant women.

8. The person conducting Karen's autopsy determines that the source of her bleeding was what?
(a) A hole in her stomach.
(b) An abdominal stab wound.
(c) A hole in her uterus.
(d) A head wound sustained in a fall.

9. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls his wife, Judith, and asks her to do what?
(a) Start an investigation into Karen's death.
(b) Meet with Betty to get some answers.
(c) Set up a meeting with Karen's mother.
(d) Check on Betty and keep her calm.

10. When John Berry gains access to Art Lee in jail, how much time is he given for their meeting?
(a) Thirty minutes.
(b) Ten minutes.
(c) Two minutes.
(d) Twenty minutes.

11. Arthur Lee agrees to Suzanne Blake's request after he does what?
(a) Clears his schedule to make room for her.
(b) Has a lengthy conversation with his spiritual adviser.
(c) Spends a sleepless night debating what to do.
(d) Consults with his best friend, John Berry.

12. Art Lee is arrested for the murder of Karen Randall, the daughter of __________.
(a) A man who is prominent in the medical community.
(b) The richest couple in Boston.
(c) The president of the local community college.
(d) A woman John Berry used to date.

13. Peter Randall explains to John that he had ordered head X-rays for Karen because she had been complaining of what?
(a) Neck pain.
(b) Hearing loss.
(c) Vision loss.
(d) Migraine headaches.

14. Art Lee tells John Berry that when Karen Randall left his office, he was under the impression that she __________.
(a) Was relieved that he refused to do an abortion.
(b) Had decided to give her child up for adoption.
(c) Was going to have an abortion in another country.
(d) Had decided to have her baby.

15. John offers several scenarios under which an autopsy would be performed. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons he presents?
(a) The patient is related to a hospital staff member.
(b) The patient is dead upon arrival at the hospital.
(c) The patient dies under violent or unusual circumstances.
(d) The patient dies within a day of arriving at the hospital.

Short Answer Questions

1. Without being asked, William Randall makes sure that John Berry knows what?

2. After Mrs. McPherson dies during heart surgery, her surgeon says he does not know what?

3. How does John Berry react to Roger Whiting's self-pity?

4. What does the doctor performing the autopsy on Karen conclude about a possible abortion?

5. During Suzanne Blake's first trimester of pregnancy, what does she contract?

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