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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday, Chapters 1 through 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Norton give John about the pharmacy at Memorial Hospital?
(a) One of the pharmacists was recently fired.
(b) A large quantity of morphine was missing.
(c) A pharmacist was robbed at gunpoint.
(d) A fire had destroyed a large supply of drugs.

2. When John goes to the Randall's house after talking with the radiologist and checking with the pharmacy, whom does he see?
(a) Mrs. Randall, or Ev.
(b) Mr. Randall, of J.D.
(c) Walter Randall.
(d) Peter Randall.

3. As Jack Hendricks prepares to do an autopsy on Karen Randall, who arrives and performs the procedure instead?
(a) Janice Altwater, head of staff.
(b) Arthur Klein, forensics expert.
(c) Lewis Carr, clinical professor.
(d) Leland Weston, chief pathologist.

4. What do John Berry and Frank Conway discuss when John drives Frank to Children's Hospital?
(a) Lewis Carr's fear of authority.
(b) Karen Randall's chart.
(c) Jim Murphy's questionable character.
(d) J.D. Randall's personality and influence.

5. Who is George Morris?
(a) Well-respected pediatrician.
(b) Chief resident of medicine.
(c) Top-notch attorney.
(d) Chief police investigator.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John shares with Peter Randall that he feels Karen's autopsy shows she was not pregnant, what does Peter say?

2. After learning that he needs to talk with someone named Bubbles, whom does John ask about the identity of Bubbles?

3. What adjective does William Randall use to describe Karen Randall?

4. George Wilson explains that a second viable approach is to do what?

5. In talking to Karen's roommate, John learns that Karen had claimed what?

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