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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday, Chapters 1 through 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is George Morris?
(a) Well-respected pediatrician.
(b) Chief police investigator.
(c) Chief resident of medicine.
(d) Top-notch attorney.

2. After learning that he needs to talk with someone named Bubbles, whom does John ask about the identity of Bubbles?
(a) George Morris.
(b) Norton Hammond.
(c) Peter Randall.
(d) Charlie Frank.

3. Suzanne Blake seeks Arthur Lee because she wants him to do what?
(a) Protect her baby from her illness.
(b) Deliver her baby.
(c) Perform an abortion.
(d) Give her the best prenatal care possible.

4. At Smith College, how does John get past the receptionist in the dorm rooms?
(a) He claims to be Karen's uncle.
(b) He bribes her with chocolate.
(c) He claims to be Karen's doctor.
(d) He bribes her with compliments.

5. Even though Lewis Carr, clinical professor of medicine at Boston Memorial, declines to talk with John by phone, he does explain what?
(a) That Karen's autopsy is about to take place.
(b) That Art had nothing to do with Karen.
(c) That Karen's mother is threatening to sue the hospital.
(d) That Art used to be a well-respected doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls his wife, Judith, and asks her to do what?

2. As the person conducting Karen's autopsy examines her lungs, what becomes evident?

3. John concludes that Karen had a problem with what?

4. During John Berry's first conversation with J.D. Randall, what does J.D. try to offer him?

5. What does John learn from Judith and Betty about George Bradford, Art's lawyer?

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