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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tuesday, Chapters 1 through 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Alan Zenner?
(a) Karen's cousin.
(b) A friend of Karen's.
(c) One of Karen's professors.
(d) Karen's drug dealer.

2. During John Berry's first conversation with J.D. Randall, what does J.D. try to offer him?
(a) A weekend at his villa.
(b) A better position at another facility.
(c) A ham sandwich.
(d) A pay increase.

3. Art Lee is arrested for the murder of Karen Randall, the daughter of __________.
(a) The president of the local community college.
(b) A woman John Berry used to date.
(c) The richest couple in Boston.
(d) A man who is prominent in the medical community.

4. Roger Whiting tells John Berry that he had given Karen Randall penicillin __________.
(a) Without first consulting her medical charts.
(b) When he really meant to prescribe steroids instead.
(c) Because she had demanded it.
(d) Because her mother said she had no drug allergies.

5. When William Randall speaks of Ev, to whom is he referring?
(a) His girlfriend.
(b) His wife.
(c) His stepmother.
(d) His sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. As John stops to watch an open-heart surgical operation, he compares it to what?

2. At Smith College, how does John get past the receptionist in the dorm rooms?

3. After John Berry gets an unexpected call in the pathology lab, what does he learn?

4. As the doctor finishes up the autopsy on Karen, what does John note?

5. As Jack Hendricks prepares to do an autopsy on Karen Randall, John is somewhat taken aback by what?

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