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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tuesday, Chapters 1 through 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jim Murphy agrees to John's request on what condition?
(a) That John and his wife join him for dinner.
(b) That John keeps him updated about the murder case.
(c) That afterwards, John reveals the person's identity.
(d) That afterwards, John takes him out for a beer.

2. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls George Bradford and leaves a message. Who is Bradford?
(a) John's attorney.
(b) Art's attorney.
(c) John's supervisor.
(d) Art's mentor.

3. As John stops to watch an open-heart surgical operation, he compares it to what?
(a) A scene from an old B movie.
(b) A surrealistic ballet.
(c) A baseball game where the points matter.
(d) A well-rehearsed Broadway play.

4. What does the doctor performing the autopsy on Karen conclude about a possible abortion?
(a) Karen had had many abortions.
(b) Karen died from a poorly-performed abortion.
(c) No abortion took place.
(d) Karen did not attempt self-abortion.

5. Roger Whiting discovered that six months earlier, a full set of cranial X-rays had been taken of Karen. Who does he think ordered them?
(a) Peter Randall, her uncle and physician.
(b) Walter Randall, her brother and a medical intern.
(c) J.D. Randall, her father and one of the chief surgeons.
(d) Jennifer Randall, her sister and nurse.

Short Answer Questions

1. When William Randall speaks of Ev, to whom is he referring?

2. The last time that William Randall saw Karen, she had talked Uncle Peter into doing what?

3. Roger Whiting tells John Berry that he had given Karen Randall penicillin __________.

4. Why is John surprised when he learns that J.D. Randall is in the operating room performing open-heart surgery?

5. After Mrs. McPherson dies during heart surgery, her surgeon says he does not know what?

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