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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Tuesday, Chapters 1 through 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Roger Whiting explains to John Berry that Karen Randall's most prominent symptom was what?
(a) Severe bleeding.
(b) Inability to see clearly.
(c) Severe back pain.
(d) Inability to speak.

2. When Arthur Lee refuses Suzanne Blake's request, she says that she will do what?
(a) Find the next best obstetrician since he will not help her.
(b) Get an abortion from someone who charges two hundred dollars.
(c) Report him to his supervisor.
(d) Drop out of college and live like a hermit.

3. As Jack Hendricks prepares to do an autopsy on Karen Randall, John is somewhat taken aback by what?
(a) The absence of nurses and technicians.
(b) The presence of a group of medical interns.
(c) Jack's lack of experience.
(d) Jack's lack of hygiene.

4. When William Randall speaks of Ev, to whom is he referring?
(a) His stepmother.
(b) His girlfriend.
(c) His sister.
(d) His wife.

5. Alan Zenner tells John that Karen __________.
(a) Was a model student.
(b) Was about to drop out of college.
(c) Had a bad reputation.
(d) Had multiple personalities.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John want Jim Murphy to do?

2. When was the last time William Randall had seen Karen alive?

3. Lewis Carr tells John that according to her stepmother, Karen had named Art Lee as __________.

4. The last time that William Randall saw Karen, she had talked Uncle Peter into doing what?

5. Why does Karen's roommate agree to answer John's questions?

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