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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday, Chapters 4 through 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls his wife, Judith, and asks her to do what?
(a) Start an investigation into Karen's death.
(b) Check on Betty and keep her calm.
(c) Set up a meeting with Karen's mother.
(d) Meet with Betty to get some answers.

2. When John goes looking for Karen's chart, he learns that it is in the possession of whom?
(a) Her stepmother.
(b) Her father.
(c) The private investigator.
(d) The police.

3. What happens when John Berry arrives at the police station and requests to see Dr. Lee?
(a) He is greeted warmly.
(b) He is told to come back later.
(c) He is refused admittance.
(d) He is almost arrested.

4. When Arthur Lee refuses Suzanne Blake's request, she says that she will do what?
(a) Find the next best obstetrician since he will not help her.
(b) Get an abortion from someone who charges two hundred dollars.
(c) Report him to his supervisor.
(d) Drop out of college and live like a hermit.

5. After John Berry gets an unexpected call in the pathology lab, what does he learn?
(a) Frank Conway has punched the anesthesiologist.
(b) His son has quit medical school.
(c) His daughter has run away from home.
(d) Art Lee has been arrested.

Short Answer Questions

1. The police sergeant allows John Berry in to see Dr. Lee after he mistakenly thinks what?

2. After Karen's autopsy, John pays a visit to Jim Murphy. Who is Jim?

3. During Suzanne Blake's first trimester of pregnancy, what does she contract?

4. Typically, when is John Berry's busiest time in the pathology lab?

5. When Frank Conway enters the pathology lab and encounters John Berry, he throws a tantrum over what?

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