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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday, Chapters 4 through 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jim Murphy agrees to John's request on what condition?
(a) That afterwards, John reveals the person's identity.
(b) That afterwards, John takes him out for a beer.
(c) That John and his wife join him for dinner.
(d) That John keeps him updated about the murder case.

2. Why is John surprised when he learns that J.D. Randall is in the operating room performing open-heart surgery?
(a) Randall is supposed to be at the police station.
(b) Randall does not have enough experience for this procedure.
(c) His wife has been hospitalized.
(d) His daughter had died the previous evening.

3. What does John want Jim Murphy to do?
(a) Review Karen's case.
(b) Test Karen's blood.
(c) Analyze Karen's DNA.
(d) Run a background check on Art.

4. Suzanne Blake seeks Arthur Lee because she wants him to do what?
(a) Protect her baby from her illness.
(b) Deliver her baby.
(c) Perform an abortion.
(d) Give her the best prenatal care possible.

5. What type of work does Dr. John Berry typically perform in the pathology lab?
(a) He isolates viruses.
(b) He gives second opinions.
(c) He analyzes tissue samples.
(d) He analyzes X-rays.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Carr, who called the police after Karen's death?

2. Lewis Carr tells John that according to her stepmother, Karen had named Art Lee as __________.

3. When John meets with Lewis Carr and talks to him in person, he learns that after being taken to the emergency by her mother, Karen had been given what?

4. As the doctor finishes up the autopsy on Karen, what does John note?

5. When John Berry gains access to Art Lee in jail, how much time is he given for their meeting?

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