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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Thursday, Chapters 1 through 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Dr. John Berry recalls past conversations with his friend, Dr. Arthur Lee, what becomes clear?
(a) Dr. Lee has been performing abortions.
(b) Dr. Lee has never gone to medical school.
(c) Dr. Berry's jealousy of Dr. Lee has been hidden well.
(d) Dr. Berry feels he is much less qualified than his friend.

2. Without being noticed, John and George follow J.D. Randall and Peter Randall and watch them do what?
(a) Take part in a drug deal.
(b) Hide Peter's car in a densely forested area.
(c) Get into a fist fight.
(d) Pour gas in Peter's car and push it over a cliff.

3. After meeting with Art in jail, John calls his wife, Judith, and asks her to do what?
(a) Check on Betty and keep her calm.
(b) Set up a meeting with Karen's mother.
(c) Meet with Betty to get some answers.
(d) Start an investigation into Karen's death.

4. After John Berry gets an unexpected call in the pathology lab, what does he learn?
(a) Frank Conway has punched the anesthesiologist.
(b) His son has quit medical school.
(c) His daughter has run away from home.
(d) Art Lee has been arrested.

5. After coming to the conclusion that Art Lee uses discernment and compassion in deciding whether or not to perform an abortion, John Berry begins doing what?
(a) Referring patients to Lee.
(b) Sleeping better at night.
(c) Avoiding Lee's supervisor.
(d) Covering up lab evidence.

Short Answer Questions

1. John learns that Peter is having an affair with whom?

2. When John meets with Lewis Carr and talks to him in person, he learns that after being taken to the emergency by her mother, Karen had been given what?

3. As the person conducting Karen's autopsy examines her lungs, what becomes evident?

4. As John talks with Angela, it becomes very clear that she is what?

5. Peter Randall explains to John that he had ordered head X-rays for Karen because she had been complaining of what?

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