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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday, Chapters 9 through 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Suzanne Blake is a college student who __________.
(a) Becomes pregnant by accident.
(b) Desperately wants a baby.
(c) Falls in love with a professor.
(d) Has survived cervical cancer.

2. When John Berry encounters J.D. Randall after meeting with William Randall, how does J.D. greet him?
(a) In a friendly manner.
(b) In a threatening manner.
(c) Indifferently.
(d) Very coldly.

3. The person conducting Karen's autopsy determines that the source of her bleeding was what?
(a) A hole in her stomach.
(b) An abdominal stab wound.
(c) A head wound sustained in a fall.
(d) A hole in her uterus.

4. When John Berry tells Arthur Lee that continuing to perform abortions is insane, Lee defends himself by saying what?
(a) Everyone in the hospital knows what he is doing.
(b) The police are in on it.
(c) It is often the humane answer.
(d) Women's lives are complicated.

5. What type of work does Dr. John Berry typically perform in the pathology lab?
(a) He analyzes tissue samples.
(b) He isolates viruses.
(c) He analyzes X-rays.
(d) He gives second opinions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been switching tissue samples in the lab in order to help Art Lee?

2. When does Dr. Conway always conduct his autopsies?

3. What happens when John Berry arrives at the police station and requests to see Dr. Lee?

4. Art Lee tells John Berry that when Karen Randall left his office, he was under the impression that she __________.

5. Roger Whiting, the intern who tended to Karen Randall at the hospital, had come up with what diagnosis for her?

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