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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Monday, Chapters 9 through 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Karen's autopsy, John pays a visit to Jim Murphy. Who is Jim?
(a) A lung specialist conducting research on lung capacity in pregnant women.
(b) A biochemist conducting research on steroids in pregnant women.
(c) A detective specializing in hospital murder cases.
(d) A pathologist specializing in murder cases.

2. Without being asked, William Randall makes sure that John Berry knows what?
(a) That he does not get along with J.D. Randall.
(b) That he is planning to drop out of medical school.
(c) That he is planning to move out of Boston.
(d) That he did not perform an abortion on Karen.

3. After Mrs. McPherson dies during heart surgery, her surgeon says he does not know what?
(a) How to tell her four children.
(b) How to explain this to his supervisor.
(c) If she had been diagnosed correctly.
(d) If he will lose his license to practice medicine.

4. According to Carr, who called the police after Karen's death?
(a) Her father.
(b) Her stepmother.
(c) Her best friend.
(d) Her doctor.

5. What adjective does William Randall use to describe Karen Randall?
(a) Reserved.
(b) Cruel.
(c) Bubbly.
(d) Silly.

Short Answer Questions

1. When John calls Lewis Carr after meeting with the medical intern, what is Lewis' demeanor?

2. Who calls Dr. John Berry during his busiest time in the pathology lab?

3. How does J.D. Randall reply when John Berry asks what he would have done if Karen had told him she was pregnant?

4. When John speaks with George Bradford, what does he realize?

5. When John goes looking for Karen's chart, he learns that it is in the possession of whom?

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