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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Wednesday, Chapters 6 through 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. George Wilson suggests that one alternative in order to free Art is to take sensitive information to the Randall family and try to do what?
(a) Persuade the family to drop the case.
(b) Run them out of town.
(c) Shame them into becoming hermits for a while.
(d) Press charges against them.

2. Who is William Harvey Shattuck Randall?
(a) Karen's stepbrother.
(b) Karen's uncle.
(c) Karen's brother.
(d) Karen's grandfather.

3. How does John locate Sam Archer?
(a) By asking Norton about him.
(b) Through the phone book.
(c) Through the Internet.
(d) By checking his medical records.

4. Who is George Morris?
(a) Chief police investigator.
(b) Well-respected pediatrician.
(c) Chief resident of medicine.
(d) Top-notch attorney.

5. J.D. Randall questions John Berry's what?
(a) Motives.
(b) Integrity.
(c) Character.
(d) Skill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Judith and John go to George Morris' house?

2. George Wilson explains that as an African-American defending an Asian-American abortionist in that particular era in front of a white jury, he faces what big challenge?

3. After pediatrician Charlie Frank tells John that rumor has it that he is involved in abortions, what else does he say?

4. At the gathering at George Morris' home, Judith wishes that there was less medical jargon and more __________.

5. How does J.D. Randall reply when John Berry asks what he would have done if Karen had told him she was pregnant?

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