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Charles Street Station - This is the location of the jail where Art is being held.

Lincoln - This is the hospital where John Berry works in the pathology department and where Art Lee works as an obstetrician.

Boston Memorial - This is the hospital where Karen Randall was taken and where she died.

Boston City Hospital - This is where Karen Randall's autopsy is performed.

Boston Lying In Hospital - This is where Jim Murphy works as a biochemist.

The Calder Building - This is where Lewis Carr's office is located.

Mallory Lab - This is where Leland Weston works as a pathologist.

Sheraton Hall - This is where William Harvey Shattuck Randall lives.

The Trefalgar - This is the gentleman's club where George Bradford meets with John.

Henley Hall - This is where Karen Randall lived.

Beacon Pharmacy - This is where Karen Randall has...

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