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Lesson 1

Objective: Monday, Chapters 1 through 3 The author begins by introducing the medical world John Berry inhabits. The objective of this lesson is to study the setting and understand the main character's world.

1. Class Discussion: Where does this story take place? During what era? Who is the main character? What is his job? Where does he work? What are his job duties? Does he like his work? What does the reader see him doing in the opening scenes? How does the author use the first chapters to present the setting?

2. Written Assignment: Explain why Frank Conway, a less important character, is introduced at the start and is written about extensively. How does glimpsing his behavior, actions, and personality reveal important details about the setting of this novel?

3. Small Group Activity: Debate the following within your small group: John Berry and his fellow doctors are products of the medical world...

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