A Case of Need Character Descriptions

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John Berry - This character is a pathologist who works diligently to prove a friend's innocence.

Angela Harding - This character is a morphine addicted nurse who performs an abortion on someone at the insistence of a drug dealer.

Roman Jones - This character is a drug dealer and a member of a band.

Art Lee - This character is an obstetrician who performs abortions even though they are illegal.

Leland Weston - This character is the chief pathologist at City Hospital and is one of the best pathologists in the city of Boston.

Frank Conway - This character is a surgeon who is considered excellent in his field because he loses only eight percent of patients.

Jim Murphy - This character is a biochemist who does research on the impact of steroids on pregnant women.

Roger Whiting - This character is an intern who unintentionally brings...

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