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Chapter Abstracts

* Frank Conway enters the pathology lab complaining loudly, blaming the anesthesiologist for the death of his surgery patient.

* John Berry, who is working in the lab, listens to the rants and finds it ironic that Conway never blames himself.

* The patient, Mrs. McPherson, died during heart surgery and could not be revived even though her heart was massaged for thirty-five minutes.

* Conway says he does not know how to tell her four children and muses that he should have become a dermatologist instead of a heart surgeon.

* He reserves an autopsy table for that night.

* During his busiest morning hours of analyzing tissue samples, John Berry receives a call from his wife, Judith.

* She tells him that physician Art Lee has been arrested.

* John recalls a conversation he once had had with Art about abortion, which is illegal in the particular setting of this novel...

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