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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?

2. How does the Poet die?

3. What does Joshua's data show?

4. How does Taddeo greet Paulo?

5. What does the APLAC machine do, when it works?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Paulo lose hope that Taddeo might be able to intervene to prevent the upcoming war?

2. Describe Mad Bear's political plans.

3. What power does New Rome give Joshua's colony, in the event of the destruction of the Earth?

4. Why does Taddeo think Kornhoer would be valuable to him?

5. What is Gault afraid is Hannegan's intention for the abbey?

6. Why is Paulo opposed to euthanasia?

7. What might lead the reader to believe Benjamin's story about his age?

8. What story does Zerchi tell the dying woman, to convince her not to kill herself and her child?

9. What shocks the abbot most about Kornhoer's invention?

10. Describe Zerchi's dream about Rachel.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the nature and meaning of ritual in the novel? What is the purpose of the elaborate ritual of canonization, although the Pope and Vatican are poor? What are the rituals of the monks, and do they serve to preserve knowledge or to hide it? What is the purpose of Francis' ritual fast in the desert? Are these and other rituals in the novel effective? What happens when ritual loses its original meaning?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the technology of Kornhoer's invention with Zerchi's malfunctioning APLAC. What do these two machines say about the respective cultures that develop them? Why are they developed? How do the characters in the novel feel about the machines? How do these machines exemplify the positive and negative aspects of technology?

Essay Topic 3

The novel presents dreams, impressions, and myths of the characters, such as the abbot's dream about Rachel, Joshua's impression of the possible snake in the garden, Zerchi's hallucinations as he is dying, and myths about the Great Deluge and Leibowitz. How can the reader and the characters tell the truth from human perception or myth? In what way, or ways, are these perceptions and myths real? In what way or ways are they false?

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