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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Arkos let Francis take his vows in the Albertine Order of Leibowitz?

2. What is Brother Kornhoer inventing?

3. When did the Age of Enlightenment end?

4. What would we term Taddeo's field of study today?

5. Does Francis believe the strange pilgrim was supernatural?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were papers burned during the Simplification?

2. How does Taddeo view the modern-day common man?

3. Why doesn't Francis merely tell the abbot what he wants to hear?

4. How does Francis interpret the inscription "Transistorized Control System for Unit six-B"?

5. What does Francis realize about the Pope and the Vatican, on examining the Pope's cassock and the surroundings closely?

6. Why does the Church have a Devil's Advocate?

7. Describe Abbot Paulo's health problem.

8. What physical characteristics to Minnesotans have, and what is the likely cause of them?

9. Describe Francis's reaction to the news that he's to attend the canonization.

10. Describe Taddeo's ideas about history.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the politics involved in the canonization of Leibowitz and in Hannegan's goal to expand his rule. How do politics affect the development of knowledge? How do politics affect the acceptance of ideas and discoveries?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Original Sin in the novel.

Part 1) Does Original Sin doom mankind to self-destruction? How does Original Sin show in mankind's actions throughout all three parts of the novel?

Part 2) How does Rachel represent a break from Original Sin?

Part 3) Does Original Sin doom mankind on colonies in space? Does the novel give any hope for overcoming Original Sin?

Essay Topic 3

What is the nature and meaning of ritual in the novel? What is the purpose of the elaborate ritual of canonization, although the Pope and Vatican are poor? What are the rituals of the monks, and do they serve to preserve knowledge or to hide it? What is the purpose of Francis' ritual fast in the desert? Are these and other rituals in the novel effective? What happens when ritual loses its original meaning?

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