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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Pope enter the chamber for the canonization?

2. What does Francis confess to eating?

3. Why are the monks unwelcoming toward Monsignor Flaught?

4. Which of the following does Flaught NOT use as an argument against Francis' testimony?

5. What is Brother Fingo's current job?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the idea that mankind is a servant race created by a society of betters appeal to Taddeo?

2. Why were papers burned during the Simplification?

3. Why is Paulo opposed to euthanasia?

4. What story does Zerchi tell the dying woman, to convince her not to kill herself and her child?

5. Why is the find of Emily Leibowitz's skull important to the case for the canonization of Leibowitz?

6. Why doesn't Francis want to join the Pope's crusade?

7. What is Brother Francis seeking in the desert?

8. What is Taddeo's attitude toward the clergy and the Church?

9. What power does New Rome give Joshua's colony, in the event of the destruction of the Earth?

10. Describe Francis's reaction to the news that he's to attend the canonization.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss hubris in the novel.

Part 1) In what ways is the Flame Deluge like the fall of the Tower of Babel?

Part 2) Discuss hubris in the characters throughout the novel, including Francis, Taddeo, and Hannegan. What are the results of hubris?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss leadership in the novel. What qualities make for a good leader? Discuss both political leaders and religious leaders portrayed in the book. How do their leadership styles and beliefs lead to success and failure, both personally and for the communities they lead?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the nature of knowledge in the novel.

Part 1) What do the Memorabilia represent? Why do the monks want to preserve it?

Part 2) Is knowledge good or evil or neutral? What are the consequences, positive and negative, of mankind's gaining of knowledge? How does knowledge in the novel relate to the story of the Garden of Eden and the fall of man for tasting the fruit of the tree of knowledge?

Part 3) Can knowledge be permanently lost?

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