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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the shaman admire about the monks?
(a) how craftily they avoid capture
(b) how well they battle
(c) how delicious they taste
(d) how well they endure torture

2. After the war, what does Hannegan do to Apollo?
(a) exiles him
(b) executes him
(c) enslaves him
(d) releases him

3. To what does Taddeo compare the Poet?
(a) a mad king
(b) a wise king
(c) a court jester
(d) the Tower of Babbel

4. Why does Mad Bear stop raiding Hannegan?
(a) to encourage peace and joint prosperity
(b) in exchange for weapons and supplies
(c) to stop upcoming war
(d) to plan a larger assault

5. How does Zerchi react to Mercy Camp Number 18 being set up down the road?
(a) He talks with Cors and is convinced the camp is needed.
(b) He plans to sabotage the camp.
(c) He orders monks to picket in protest.
(d) He turns a blind eye to the camp.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who steals one of the officers' drawings?

2. Why is Zerchi late to give Mrs. Grales confession?

3. What does the mythological Blackeneth do?

4. Wat does Taddeo accuse the monks of doing?

5. What does Joshua think he hears in the rose garden?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the legend of Leibowitz's death.

2. What angers Paulo about the news of the governments' reactions to the nuclear incident?

3. What is Gault afraid is Hannegan's intention for the abbey?

4. Why do the Poet's jokes cause so much upset at the dinner?

5. What makes Paulo lose hope that Taddeo might be able to intervene to prevent the upcoming war?

6. What shocks the abbot most about Kornhoer's invention?

7. Why can't Cors keep his promise to Zerchi?

8. Why does Paulo feel like a shoemaker in a village of shoemakers?

9. Describe Zerchi's dream about Rachel.

10. What is Armbruster's attitude toward books and toward Taddeo's studies?

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