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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the Church plan to send a mission to preserve humanity?
(a) Alpha Centauri
(b) the moon
(c) Mars
(d) Venus

2. What does Zerchi do to Cors after the girl and her baby go to the mercy camp?
(a) He hits him.
(b) He forgives him.
(c) He promises to allow him access to the abbey.
(d) He excommunicates him.

3. What does Rachel give to Zerchi?
(a) communion
(b) confession
(c) food and water
(d) baptism

4. What does Taddeo request for his journey?
(a) water
(b) guards
(c) shoes
(d) food

5. How does Taddeo greet Paulo?
(a) with a present
(b) with dozens of questions
(c) laconically
(d) effusively

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Thon Maho Makh investigating?

2. What does Cors do when he breaks his promise to the abbot?

3. About what do Dr. Cors and Zerchi disagree?

4. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?

5. What does the shaman admire about the monks?

Short Essay Questions

1. What makes Paulo lose hope that Taddeo might be able to intervene to prevent the upcoming war?

2. Why is the APLAC a necessary device?

3. Why does the idea that mankind is a servant race created by a society of betters appeal to Taddeo?

4. Why do the Poet's jokes cause so much upset at the dinner?

5. What is Paulo's primary concern at the onset of war?

6. Why doesn't Taddeo want to alienate Hannegan?

7. How is Zerchi required to practice what he preaches about suffering and euthanasia?

8. What might lead the reader to believe Benjamin's story about his age?

9. Why have nuclear weapons been banned?

10. Describe Mad Bear's political plans.

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