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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who enters the dining hall at the end of Chapter 20 to see Taddeo?
(a) the Old Jew
(b) a messenger from Hannegan
(c) the Poet
(d) the Pope

2. Who does Hannegan issue a decree condemning?
(a) the Poet
(b) the Pope
(c) Paulo
(d) Taddeo

3. What does Zerchi ask Cors to do, in order to get permission to use the abbey's land?
(a) pay a fee to the church
(b) promise never enter the gates of the old abbey
(c) swear in writing not to recommend suicide
(d) promise to give medical aid to all refugees

4. How long is the war between Hannegan and Laredo?
(a) one year
(b) one day
(c) one month
(d) one week

5. What does Taddeo suspect surviving mankind might be?
(a) a servant species created by a higher civilization
(b) a regression to an earlier stage of evolution
(c) an experiment accidentally let loose in the world
(d) a mutation caused by radiation

Short Answer Questions

1. How many priests does the abbey send on the mission?

2. What does Rachel refuse from Zerchi?

3. To whom does Paulo compare the smile on the statue of Leibowitz?

4. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?

5. What does the statue at the mercy camp resemble?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does Zerchi tell the dying woman, to convince her not to kill herself and her child?

2. Describe Mad Bear's political plans.

3. What is the likely reason Taddeo does not arrive on time at the monastery?

4. What might lead the reader to believe Benjamin's story about his age?

5. Describe Zerchi's dream about Rachel.

6. Why is Paulo opposed to euthanasia?

7. What is the implication of Rachel refusing baptism?

8. Why doesn't Taddeo want to alienate Hannegan?

9. What is Armbruster's attitude toward books and toward Taddeo's studies?

10. Why does the idea that mankind is a servant race created by a society of betters appeal to Taddeo?

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