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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taddeo give Paulo before he leaves?
(a) a transistor from before the Great Deluge
(b) the officers' sketches of the abbey
(c) a pouch full of gold
(d) a warning about Hannegan

2. How many people die in the first nine days after Texarkana is bombed?
(a) 280 million
(b) 28,000
(c) 280,000
(d) 2.8 million

3. How does Paulo feel about Taddeo's approaching visit?
(a) fearful
(b) angry
(c) happy
(d) uninterested

4. How does Taddeo think the monks may react to his ideas?
(a) He thinks that they will be welcoming but skeptical.
(b) He thinks they will all praise him.
(c) He thinks none of them could understand, even in simple language.
(d) He is afraid they will be offended.

5. How will the Church transport the Memorabilia?
(a) digitally in a supercomputer
(b) on microfilm
(c) in secret compartments on the spaceship
(d) as memorized by the monks going on the mission

Short Answer Questions

1. How many monks does it take to run the invention?

2. Why doesn't Mrs. Grayles go to Father Selo for confession?

3. What does Paulo do to make the Poet shut up?

4. What does Taddeo request for his journey?

5. What behavior of Taddeo's party worries Paulo?

Short Essay Questions

1. What shocks the abbot most about Kornhoer's invention?

2. Describe Mad Bear's political plans.

3. What angers Paulo about the news of the governments' reactions to the nuclear incident?

4. What makes Paulo lose hope that Taddeo might be able to intervene to prevent the upcoming war?

5. What is the purpose of Quo peregrinaqtur grex?

6. Why does the idea that mankind is a servant race created by a society of betters appeal to Taddeo?

7. Why is Paulo opposed to euthanasia?

8. What might lead the reader to believe Benjamin's story about his age?

9. What story does Zerchi tell the dying woman, to convince her not to kill herself and her child?

10. What is the literary style of the story of the Flame Deluge read to Taddeo at the beginning of Chapter 18?

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