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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Brother Fingo's current job?
(a) gardener
(b) janitor
(c) cook's helper
(d) bartender

2. Where does the unwelcome guest claim to have gotten the Old Jew's goat?
(a) in a game of mumbly-peg
(b) from the slaughterhouse
(c) wandering aimlessly on the moor
(d) in a game of poker

3. What decree does the Pope give Francis?
(a) a decree of canonization officializing the canoniation of St. Leibowitz
(b) a decree of excommunication against anyone who attacks Francis
(c) a decree of honor awarding Francis a high place in his order
(d) a decree of service rewarding Francis for everything he's done in honor of St. Leibowitz

4. What is Leibowitz's goal in the priesthood?
(a) to preserve human history
(b) to build up his own glory for his future sainthood
(c) to rebuild an atom bomb
(d) to put the world under the control of the church

5. Does Francis believe the strange pilgrim was supernatural?
(a) Yes, but he admits the stranger may have been an ordinary man.
(b) No, he realizes the stranger was an ordinary man who tricked him and planned an escape through the mountains.
(c) No, he believes the pilgrim was an ordinary man but doesn't know what happened to him.
(d) Yes, he is completely convinced the stranger was actually St. Leibowitz.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does Cheroki compare Francis' desire to have a vocation?

2. Who educated Taddeo?

3. What reason does the Abbot give for disbelieving the story of the pilgrim?

4. What is Francis' pet project as a copyist?

5. Is Leibowitz a saint at the beginning of the novel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Francis merely tell the abbot what he wants to hear?

2. What is Taddeo's attitude toward the clergy and the Church?

3. How does Francis interpret the inscription "Transistorized Control System for Unit six-B"?

4. Why are a shopping list and casual notes treasured finds for Brother Francis?

5. What was Isaac Edward Leibowitz's profession before the Flame Deluge?

6. Describe Taddeo's ideas about history.

7. Why were papers burned during the Simplification?

8. Why is Arkos glad to have the Dominicans investigating Francis's find?

9. What is Brother Francis seeking in the desert?

10. What stops Brother Francis from sharing the pilgrim's food?

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