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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Arkos let Francis take his vows in the Albertine Order of Leibowitz?
(a) Francis threatens to go over Arkos's head to New Rome.
(b) Francis has shown true humility.
(c) Francis has finally changed his story.
(d) Francis' relics apear to be genunie.

2. What does the pilgrim find for Brother Francis?
(a) a bird
(b) a stick
(c) some fruit
(d) a stone

3. What does Paulo refuse to do?
(a) allow Kornhoer's invention to remain assembled
(b) allow Taddeo in the abbey
(c) see a doctor
(d) greet Taddeo on his arrival

4. What is Brother Francis building?
(a) a statue
(b) a fire pit
(c) a shelter
(d) an altar

5. What decree does the Pope give Francis?
(a) a decree of service rewarding Francis for everything he's done in honor of St. Leibowitz
(b) a decree of excommunication against anyone who attacks Francis
(c) a decree of honor awarding Francis a high place in his order
(d) a decree of canonization officializing the canoniation of St. Leibowitz

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Kornhoer get the information to help him create his invention?

2. Why does Taddeo want to look at the documents the Albertine Order of Leibowitz has?

3. What does Brother Francis find that lets him know the fallout shelter hasn't been plundered?

4. Where does the Abbot send Francis?

5. With what does the pilgrim attack Brother Francis?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Taddeo view the modern-day common man?

2. What does Brother Francis need to protect himself against in the desert?

3. What was Isaac Edward Leibowitz's profession before the Flame Deluge?

4. Why doesn't Francis want to join the Pope's crusade?

5. Why were papers burned during the Simplification?

6. Compare the robber's view of the illuminated blueprint and the original relic to Francis's.

7. How does the Pope treat the clan chief?

8. What does Cheroki's disbelief in Francis's find tell the reader about the rarity of the fallout shelter and relics?

9. Why do the monks wear burlap habits?

10. Describe Francis's life before the monastery.

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