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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zerchi have in his office?
(a) the original Leibowitz blueprint Francis found
(b) the complete writings of Taddeo
(c) Francis's illuminated blueprint
(d) the wooden statue of St. Leibowitz

2. For whom does Paulo think Benjamin is waiting?
(a) the Messiah
(b) Francis
(c) Taddeo
(d) Hannegan

3. What does the Defense Minister say about reports of increased radiation levels and nuclear testing?
(a) He says that the report of increased radiation is false.
(b) He responds that nuclear testing is illegal.
(c) He says that nucear bomb tests are being conducted but that they are safe.
(d) He says the increase is due to natural phenomena.

4. How does Taddeo greet Paulo?
(a) effusively
(b) with a present
(c) with dozens of questions
(d) laconically

5. How will the Church transport the Memorabilia?
(a) in secret compartments on the spaceship
(b) on microfilm
(c) digitally in a supercomputer
(d) as memorized by the monks going on the mission

6. What does Benjamin say the sign outside his tent means?
(a) "Tents Mended Here"
(b) "Fortunes Told Inside"
(c) "Beware of Dogs"
(d) "Stormy Weather Ahead"

7. About what do Dr. Cors and Zerchi disagree?
(a) abortion
(b) how deadly radiation is
(c) nuclear war
(d) euthanasia

8. What does a red tag given by the Green Star Relief Station give a person the right to do?
(a) die at a "mercy camp"
(b) get medical aid from the abbey
(c) go back into the closed off areas of Texarkana
(d) have shelter at the relief station

9. What does the shaman admire about the monks?
(a) how well they endure torture
(b) how well they battle
(c) how craftily they avoid capture
(d) how delicious they taste

10. Why does Taddeo want the measurement of how deep the wood is worn down at the entrance to the refectory?
(a) to find out if there are forgotten secret passages in the abbey
(b) to have evidence of how many monks passed through over how many years
(c) as evidence of how well cared for the abbey is
(d) to find out the average weight of the monks over the years

11. What is the Vatican's response?
(a) to promise Hannegan gold to guarantee peace
(b) to send in Vatican forces
(c) to begin peace talks with Hannegan
(d) to issue an interdict against Hannegan

12. What does Mad Bear rule?
(a) the Plateau clans
(b) the Barbarian clans
(c) the Plains clans
(d) the Mountain clans

13. How does the Poet die?
(a) He runs out of water while he is lost in the desert.
(b) He is shot while stabbing an officer who is trying to capture refugees.
(c) He commits suicide.
(d) He is hanged for treason.

14. Wat does Taddeo accuse the monks of doing?
(a) secretly organizing against Hannegan
(b) withholding knowledge from mankind
(c) forgetting their origins
(d) trying to keep him at the abbey

15. After the war, what does Hannegan do to Apollo?
(a) exiles him
(b) releases him
(c) executes him
(d) enslaves him

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is the war between Hannegan and Laredo?

2. What happens during Mrs. Grayles' confession?

3. What might prevent Joshua and the monks from taking off in their spaceship?

4. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?

5. What does Rachel say to Zerchi?

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