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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mad Bear rule?
(a) the Plateau clans
(b) the Barbarian clans
(c) the Mountain clans
(d) the Plains clans

2. What does the shaman admire about the monks?
(a) how delicious they taste
(b) how well they battle
(c) how craftily they avoid capture
(d) how well they endure torture

3. What does Rachel say to Zerchi?
(a) "Pray."
(b) "Die."
(c) "Live."
(d) "Love."

4. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?
(a) no one
(b) a contingent of Hannegan's men and Taddeo's companions
(c) Taddeo's two dozen companions
(d) a half-dozen of Hannegan's men

5. How does Zerchi respond to news reports about the nuclear crisis?
(a) He trusts God to save him.
(b) He is enraged.
(c) He is cautiously optimistic.
(d) He is complacent.

6. How does Taddeo think the monks may react to his ideas?
(a) He is afraid they will be offended.
(b) He thinks they will all praise him.
(c) He thinks that they will be welcoming but skeptical.
(d) He thinks none of them could understand, even in simple language.

7. What does Paulo tell Kornhoer?
(a) Paulo tells Kornhoer the invention must be dismantled.
(b) Paulo tells Kornhoer the invention is not as impressive as he thought.
(c) Paulo rebukes Kornhoer for frighening everyone.
(d) Paulo congratulates Kornhoer on his success.

8. How long does the abbot give Joshua to decide whether to go on the mission to Alpha Centauri?
(a) a half hour
(b) two hours
(c) an hour
(d) one day

9. What does Rachel give to Zerchi?
(a) food and water
(b) confession
(c) communion
(d) baptism

10. Why is Zerchi late to give Mrs. Grales confession?
(a) He must make his own confession.
(b) He must calm down the other monks.
(c) He forgets about the appointment.
(d) He must post bail.

11. Wat does Taddeo accuse the monks of doing?
(a) secretly organizing against Hannegan
(b) trying to keep him at the abbey
(c) withholding knowledge from mankind
(d) forgetting their origins

12. How has Taddeo responded to the Memorabilia?
(a) He believes that most of the Memorabilia is faked and meaningless.
(b) He says that he will be able to understand it all within 5 years.
(c) He is amazed at the amount of lost knowledge, which will take decades to fully understand.
(d) He says too much is lost to make sense of it.

13. What do the Asians claim the nuclear detonation is?
(a) an attempt to divert a subterranean river
(b) an illegal attack on their soil
(c) a rocket ship that blew up on launch
(d) a failed weapons test

14. How many people die in the first nine days after Texarkana is bombed?
(a) 280 million
(b) 280,000
(c) 28,000
(d) 2.8 million

15. What does Joshua's data show?
(a) Nuclear weapons are likely being tested.
(b) Nuclear weapons tests were likely failures.
(c) The fluctuations in radiation are meaningless anomalies.
(d) A new kind of non-nuclear destructive weapon is being developed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the King of Loredo?

2. What does a red tag given by the Green Star Relief Station give a person the right to do?

3. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?

4. What does God do to the prince in the myth of the Flame Deluge?

5. What does Taddeo suspect surviving mankind might be?

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