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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taddeo suspect surviving mankind might be?
(a) an experiment accidentally let loose in the world
(b) a servant species created by a higher civilization
(c) a regression to an earlier stage of evolution
(d) a mutation caused by radiation

2. How many monks does it take to run the invention?
(a) four
(b) two
(c) five
(d) three

3. What does Joshua think he hears in the rose garden?
(a) a voice
(b) a bird
(c) a rat
(d) a snake

4. Why does Mad Bear stop raiding Hannegan?
(a) to plan a larger assault
(b) to stop upcoming war
(c) in exchange for weapons and supplies
(d) to encourage peace and joint prosperity

5. What does Taddeo request for his journey?
(a) shoes
(b) food
(c) guards
(d) water

6. Who is Rachel?
(a) Mrs. Grales' niece
(b) Mrs. Grales' daughter
(c) Mrs. Grales' second head
(d) Mrs. Grales' sister

7. What is Thon Maho Makh investigating?
(a) the possible existence of a lost pocket of civilization
(b) the beginning of the solar system
(c) evolution and the origin of humanity
(d) the effects of nuclear radiation on humanity

8. What happens during Mrs. Grayles' confession?
(a) the arrival of military troops
(b) an earthquake
(c) a missile attack
(d) the arrival of a messenger with news of peace

9. Why does Taddeo prefer the fragile original documents to the copies?
(a) Though the originals are fraile, the copies are even more delicate.
(b) The original documents can be carbon dated.
(c) The copies have faded worse over time than the originals.
(d) The copyists were not always accurate.

10. How long is the war between Hannegan and Laredo?
(a) one day
(b) one month
(c) one year
(d) one week

11. Who does Zerchi take to town?
(a) three of his monks
(b) a dying girl and her suffering baby
(c) Mrs. Grayles and Rachel
(d) Cors

12. What does Zerchi have in his office?
(a) the original Leibowitz blueprint Francis found
(b) Francis's illuminated blueprint
(c) the complete writings of Taddeo
(d) the wooden statue of St. Leibowitz

13. Who is Mrs. Grales?
(a) a mutant two-headed woman
(b) a villager who worships St. Leibowitz
(c) a local fortune teller
(d) a mysterious holy woman who visits the abbey

14. What does Mrs. Grales want the abbot to do?
(a) baptize Rachel
(b) take Rachel off the planet
(c) give Rachel a last confession
(d) give Rachel communion

15. What does Taddeo give Paulo before he leaves?
(a) a transistor from before the Great Deluge
(b) a warning about Hannegan
(c) a pouch full of gold
(d) the officers' sketches of the abbey

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joshua's data show?

2. What does the mythological Blackeneth do?

3. How many people die in the first nine days after Texarkana is bombed?

4. How does Taddeo think the monks may react to his ideas?

5. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?

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