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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many priests does the abbey send on the mission?
(a) 9
(b) 35
(c) 17
(d) 27

2. Who does Zerchi take to town?
(a) Cors
(b) Mrs. Grayles and Rachel
(c) three of his monks
(d) a dying girl and her suffering baby

3. How will the Church transport the Memorabilia?
(a) as memorized by the monks going on the mission
(b) in secret compartments on the spaceship
(c) on microfilm
(d) digitally in a supercomputer

4. What is the Vatican's response?
(a) to begin peace talks with Hannegan
(b) to send in Vatican forces
(c) to issue an interdict against Hannegan
(d) to promise Hannegan gold to guarantee peace

5. What does Zerchi do to Cors after the girl and her baby go to the mercy camp?
(a) He forgives him.
(b) He promises to allow him access to the abbey.
(c) He excommunicates him.
(d) He hits him.

6. About what do Dr. Cors and Zerchi disagree?
(a) how deadly radiation is
(b) nuclear war
(c) euthanasia
(d) abortion

7. What does Joshua's data show?
(a) A new kind of non-nuclear destructive weapon is being developed.
(b) Nuclear weapons tests were likely failures.
(c) The fluctuations in radiation are meaningless anomalies.
(d) Nuclear weapons are likely being tested.

8. How does Taddeo react to the stories of monks who have died or gone blind preserving the Memorabilia?
(a) He thinks the stories are false.
(b) He honors their memories.
(c) He is indifferent to their sacrifice.
(d) He wishes he could go back and save them.

9. Why does Mad Bear stop raiding Hannegan?
(a) in exchange for weapons and supplies
(b) to plan a larger assault
(c) to encourage peace and joint prosperity
(d) to stop upcoming war

10. What does Mrs. Grales want the abbot to do?
(a) give Rachel a last confession
(b) give Rachel communion
(c) baptize Rachel
(d) take Rachel off the planet

11. What does the Old Jew, Benjamin, do when Paulo comes to return his goat?
(a) He refuses to take the goat back.
(b) He rewards Paulo for returning the goat.
(c) He takes the goat back without thanks.
(d) He makes a bet with Paulo over the goat.

12. What does Benjamin say the sign outside his tent means?
(a) "Stormy Weather Ahead"
(b) "Beware of Dogs"
(c) "Tents Mended Here"
(d) "Fortunes Told Inside"

13. What does Rachel say to Zerchi?
(a) "Die."
(b) "Live."
(c) "Pray."
(d) "Love."

14. How many people die in the first nine days after Texarkana is bombed?
(a) 28,000
(b) 280,000
(c) 2.8 million
(d) 280 million

15. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?
(a) a half-dozen of Hannegan's men
(b) Taddeo's two dozen companions
(c) a contingent of Hannegan's men and Taddeo's companions
(d) no one

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paulo tell Kornhoer?

2. Why doesn't Mrs. Grayles go to Father Selo for confession?

3. To whom does Paulo compare the smile on the statue of Leibowitz?

4. What is Mad Bear's attitude toward Taddeo?

5. What does Paulo do to make the Poet shut up?

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