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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taddeo want Kornhoer to do?
(a) not tell anyone about the invention yet
(b) explain how the invention works
(c) come to the collegium to do research
(d) give Taddeo his invention

2. What does the APLAC machine do, when it works?
(a) provides power to the abbey
(b) decodes ciphers used to send secret messages
(c) translates messages into other languages
(d) heats up food

3. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?
(a) milk
(b) beer
(c) juice
(d) water

4. Who is Mrs. Grales?
(a) a local fortune teller
(b) a villager who worships St. Leibowitz
(c) a mutant two-headed woman
(d) a mysterious holy woman who visits the abbey

5. What does Rachel refuse from Zerchi?
(a) baptism
(b) communion
(c) last rites
(d) food and water

6. What does the police officer give Zerchi?
(a) an injunction to stop the protests
(b) a medal for service to the refugees
(c) a subpoena to testify about the mercy camp
(d) papers for a civil court case about the protest

7. What does Asian radio say about the destruction of Texarkana?
(a) The missle came from an orbiting satellite.
(b) They have know knowledge of the origin of the missle.
(c) An errant Atlantic missile is responsible.
(d) The missle came from the moon.

8. Whose skull does Zerchi see as he lays dying?
(a) Francis'
(b) the Old Jew's
(c) Emily's
(d) the Poet's

9. How has Taddeo responded to the Memorabilia?
(a) He says that he will be able to understand it all within 5 years.
(b) He is amazed at the amount of lost knowledge, which will take decades to fully understand.
(c) He says too much is lost to make sense of it.
(d) He believes that most of the Memorabilia is faked and meaningless.

10. How does Taddeo react to Kornhoer's invention?
(a) with horror
(b) with distain
(c) with boredom
(d) with amazed interest

11. Why does Taddeo want the measurement of how deep the wood is worn down at the entrance to the refectory?
(a) to have evidence of how many monks passed through over how many years
(b) to find out the average weight of the monks over the years
(c) as evidence of how well cared for the abbey is
(d) to find out if there are forgotten secret passages in the abbey

12. How does Zerchi react to Mercy Camp Number 18 being set up down the road?
(a) He orders monks to picket in protest.
(b) He turns a blind eye to the camp.
(c) He plans to sabotage the camp.
(d) He talks with Cors and is convinced the camp is needed.

13. What does the statue at the mercy camp resemble?
(a) the Old Jew
(b) the President
(c) a weeping mother
(d) Christ

14. What does the Old Jew, Benjamin, do when Paulo comes to return his goat?
(a) He makes a bet with Paulo over the goat.
(b) He takes the goat back without thanks.
(c) He refuses to take the goat back.
(d) He rewards Paulo for returning the goat.

15. What does Mad Bear drink?
(a) steer's blood
(b) pig's blood
(c) chicken's blood
(d) goat's blood

Short Answer Questions

1. How long are the enemy cities bombed in the myth of the Flame Deluge?

2. What is the Vatican's response?

3. What does the shaman admire about the monks?

4. What happens to the King of Loredo?

5. How long is the war between Hannegan and Laredo?

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