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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taddeo suspect surviving mankind might be?
(a) a regression to an earlier stage of evolution
(b) a mutation caused by radiation
(c) an experiment accidentally let loose in the world
(d) a servant species created by a higher civilization

2. Wat does Taddeo accuse the monks of doing?
(a) secretly organizing against Hannegan
(b) trying to keep him at the abbey
(c) withholding knowledge from mankind
(d) forgetting their origins

3. How many monks does it take to run the invention?
(a) four
(b) two
(c) five
(d) three

4. How many priests does the abbey send on the mission?
(a) 9
(b) 17
(c) 27
(d) 35

5. How does the Poet die?
(a) He runs out of water while he is lost in the desert.
(b) He commits suicide.
(c) He is hanged for treason.
(d) He is shot while stabbing an officer who is trying to capture refugees.

6. What does Hannegan do when the Vatican warns Hannegan's enemy about the coming war?
(a) declares war on New Rome
(b) breaks Monsignor Apollo's arms
(c) arrests Monsignor Apollo
(d) exiles Monsignor Apollo

7. Who is with Taddeo when he arrives?
(a) a half-dozen of Hannegan's men
(b) a contingent of Hannegan's men and Taddeo's companions
(c) no one
(d) Taddeo's two dozen companions

8. Who steals one of the officers' drawings?
(a) Gault
(b) Paulo
(c) Kornhoer
(d) the Poet

9. Where does the Church plan to send a mission to preserve humanity?
(a) Venus
(b) Mars
(c) Alpha Centauri
(d) the moon

10. Who is Mrs. Grales?
(a) a mutant two-headed woman
(b) a local fortune teller
(c) a villager who worships St. Leibowitz
(d) a mysterious holy woman who visits the abbey

11. How long are the enemy cities bombed in the myth of the Flame Deluge?
(a) three days and nights
(b) nine days and nights
(c) five days and nights
(d) seven days and nights

12. What does Cors do when he breaks his promise to the abbot?
(a) confesses and offers to leave
(b) confesses and promises not to lapse again
(c) tries to trick the abbot into believing someone else did it
(d) keeps it a secret

13. What does Taddeo request for his journey?
(a) food
(b) guards
(c) shoes
(d) water

14. How has Taddeo responded to the Memorabilia?
(a) He believes that most of the Memorabilia is faked and meaningless.
(b) He is amazed at the amount of lost knowledge, which will take decades to fully understand.
(c) He says that he will be able to understand it all within 5 years.
(d) He says too much is lost to make sense of it.

15. To whom does Paulo compare the smile on the statue of Leibowitz?
(a) Himself
(b) Christ
(c) Taddeo
(d) Benjamin

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rachel give to Zerchi?

2. Why is Zerchi late to give Mrs. Grales confession?

3. How does Taddeo greet Paulo?

4. How long is the war between Hannegan and Laredo?

5. What does Benjamin say the sign outside his tent means?

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