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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francis speculate that the stain on the blueprint might be?
(a) Emily's blood
(b) Leibowitz's sweat
(c) Leibowitz's tears
(d) Leibowitz's blood

2. What priesthood does Leibowitz join?
(a) the Albertines
(b) the Knowlenians
(c) the Cistercians
(d) the Arthurians

3. What does Brother Francis believe Fallout is?
(a) a weather system
(b) a saint
(c) radiation
(d) a monster

4. What does Apollo agree to do?
(a) ask the abbot, Dom Paulo, to lend the documents to Taddeo
(b) go to the abbey to get the documents for Taddeo
(c) go to New Rome to ask permission for Taddeo to see the documents
(d) go to the abbey bring back proof of auhentication of the documents

5. What is Brother Fingo's original trade?
(a) jeweler
(b) woodcarver
(c) horse trainer
(d) map maker

6. What does Francis say about the rumors surrounding his meeting of the pilgrim?
(a) Most of the rumors are completely false.
(b) Most of the rumors are completely true.
(c) The rumors are true, but with some exaggeration.
(d) About have the rumors are true.

7. Which of the following does Flaught NOT use as an argument against Francis' testimony?
(a) Francis' finds might be forged.
(b) Francis might have misread the word Leibowitz on the blueprint.
(c) Francis might be suffering from mental illness.
(d) Francis might be mistaken that the "Em" referrs to Emily Leibowitz.

8. What is the purpose of Francis' black eye patch?
(a) to show that he has one eye always trained on heaven
(b) to stop his wandering eye from looking off the path
(c) to keep the dust from irritating his infected eye
(d) to suggest to the superstitious that he has the evil eye

9. What does Francis confess to eating?
(a) sand
(b) a squirrel
(c) a lizard
(d) a quail

10. What does Francis believe is the most significant event that happened to him in the desert?
(a) meeting the old man
(b) finding the fallout shelter
(c) building a shelter for himself
(d) finding the relics of Leibowitz

11. Where does the Abbot send Francis?
(a) to the infirmary
(b) to his room to meditate on his sins
(c) back to the ruins
(d) back to his vigil in a new location

12. What does Flaught conclude about Francis' story?
(a) It is important evidence.
(b) It is trivial.
(c) It is a manufactured response, made up by the monks together.
(d) It is a true miracle.

13. What is Brother Francis' first reaction to the stranger?
(a) fear
(b) joy
(c) anger
(d) sadness

14. How old does the Old Jew claim to be?
(a) 1,219
(b) 2,309
(c) 3,209
(d) 329

15. In addition to being diplomatic to Taddeo, why does Apollo meet with him?
(a) He hopes to persuade Taddeo to ask for the documents to be sent to him.
(b) He hopes to find out what Taddeo knows about Leibowitz.
(c) He hopes to ask a favor.
(d) He hopes to get political information.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the unwelcome guest claim to have gotten the Old Jew's goat?

2. Why does Taddeo want the documents to be brought to him instead of going to the abbey?

3. Who attacks Francis on his way to Rome?

4. What does Brother Francis find in the hole?

5. How does Francis try to get the illumination back?

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