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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the pilgrim have to eat?
(a) meat and cheese
(b) a biscuit and cheese
(c) milk and bread
(d) a dry crust

2. When does Brother Francis believe the Fallout was born?
(a) at the end of time
(b) in the Flame Deluge
(c) in the Firey Exculpation
(d) in the Great Fire

3. What does Francis admit about the strange pilgrim?
(a) After he left, Francis did discover some rose petals in the dirt.
(b) His words seemed drowned out, perhaps by a heavenly choir.
(c) He wrote two unintelligible marks on a rock.
(d) His head glowed as if he might have a halo.

4. How long is the journey from the abbey to New Rome?
(a) three months
(b) three weeks
(c) three years
(d) three days

5. Where did Kornhoer get the information to help him create his invention?
(a) from one hidden book he deciphered
(b) from Brother Armbruster
(c) from fragments of documents in the abbey
(d) from a vision he had in his sleep

6. What does the Abbot want Francis to deny?
(a) that he has a vocation
(b) that he found the relics
(c) that he was prideful
(d) that he saw a pilgrim

7. Who was Taddeo's mother?
(a) a wealthy woman lacking political power
(b) an unmarried serving maid
(c) a poor but politically powerful woman
(d) a wealthy, powerful woman who scorned marriage

8. What does Brother Francis find in the hole?
(a) a book
(b) a coffin
(c) a staircase
(d) a box

9. In Chapter 1, what is Brother Francis Gerard of Utah doing in the desert?
(a) looking for pilgrims
(b) searching for relics
(c) fasting
(d) running away

10. Why does Brother Francis only hope to find paper artifacts in the fallout shelter?
(a) Brother Francis confuses all paper for the paper money used before the catastrophe.
(b) Paper artifacts are most valuable because most paper has decayed.
(c) Brother Francis believes he can use carbon dating on paper artifacts to date the site.
(d) Excavating for anything but paper documents has been ruled too dangerous.

11. What is Leibowitz's goal in the priesthood?
(a) to put the world under the control of the church
(b) to rebuild an atom bomb
(c) to build up his own glory for his future sainthood
(d) to preserve human history

12. What is the role of the Devil's Advocate?
(a) to argue for the truth of the rumors
(b) to argue against Leibowitz's sainthood
(c) to argue against continuing the word of the Order
(d) to argue against Francis's priesthood

13. When did the Age of Enlightenment end?
(a) the 1980s
(b) the 1990s
(c) the 1960s
(d) the 1970s

14. Does Francis believe the strange pilgrim was supernatural?
(a) No, he believes the pilgrim was an ordinary man but doesn't know what happened to him.
(b) Yes, but he admits the stranger may have been an ordinary man.
(c) Yes, he is completely convinced the stranger was actually St. Leibowitz.
(d) No, he realizes the stranger was an ordinary man who tricked him and planned an escape through the mountains.

15. What is Thon Taddeo Pfardentrott interested in?
(a) studying the Leibowitzian documents of the monks
(b) making sure his half-sister marries well
(c) taking over power from Hannegan
(d) avoiding the coming war

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the unwelcome guest claim to have gotten the Old Jew's goat?

2. What does Paulo have in his office?

3. To what does Brother Francis attribute his finding of the fallout shelter?

4. In addition to being diplomatic to Taddeo, why does Apollo meet with him?

5. What does the Abbot do with the fallout shelter?

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