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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francis say about the rumors surrounding his meeting of the pilgrim?
(a) The rumors are true, but with some exaggeration.
(b) Most of the rumors are completely false.
(c) About have the rumors are true.
(d) Most of the rumors are completely true.

2. Where does the Abbot send Francis?
(a) to his room to meditate on his sins
(b) back to the ruins
(c) to the infirmary
(d) back to his vigil in a new location

3. Who was Taddeo's mother?
(a) a poor but politically powerful woman
(b) a wealthy woman lacking political power
(c) an unmarried serving maid
(d) a wealthy, powerful woman who scorned marriage

4. Why are the monks unwelcoming toward Monsignor Flaught?
(a) Flaught is an unpreposessing person whom the monks dislike on sight.
(b) Flaught is a disbeliever who tries to force his atheism on the monks.
(c) Flaught has an eerie aura of the devil about him.
(d) Flaught's job is to argue against the canonization of Leibowitz.

5. How long does Francis remain a novitiate?
(a) five years
(b) nine years
(c) seven years
(d) three years

6. When does Brother Francis believe the Fallout was born?
(a) in the Firey Exculpation
(b) in the Flame Deluge
(c) in the Great Fire
(d) at the end of time

7. Why doesn't Francis open the racing form?
(a) The racing form is stuck together with some kind of glue.
(b) The old paper is too fragile.
(c) The monks believe that gambling is a sin.
(d) Francis considers the racing form holy and doesn't want to touch it.

8. What does Brother Francis believe Fallout is?
(a) a weather system
(b) radiation
(c) a monster
(d) a saint

9. Does Francis believe the strange pilgrim was supernatural?
(a) No, he believes the pilgrim was an ordinary man but doesn't know what happened to him.
(b) Yes, he is completely convinced the stranger was actually St. Leibowitz.
(c) No, he realizes the stranger was an ordinary man who tricked him and planned an escape through the mountains.
(d) Yes, but he admits the stranger may have been an ordinary man.

10. What does Francis ask forgiveness for during confession?
(a) the loss of the illuminated blueprint due to Francis's carelessness
(b) Francis's hubris for desiring to attend the canonization
(c) the discovery of the shelter holding up Leibowitz's sainthood
(d) Francis's desire to have his illustrated blueprint admired

11. To what does Brother Francis attribute his finding of the fallout shelter?
(a) an inevitable, predestined fate
(b) a purposeful design by the strange pilgrim
(c) a lucky accident
(d) a sign from God of his vocation as a monk of Leibowitz

12. What does the pilgrim find for Brother Francis?
(a) some fruit
(b) a stick
(c) a stone
(d) a bird

13. Who does Paulo kick out of the guesthouse?
(a) the Poet
(b) the Preacher
(c) the Pauper
(d) the Bard

14. What would we term Taddeo's field of study today?
(a) chemistry
(b) physics
(c) biology
(d) anthropology

15. Who insists that Francis must complete his illuminated blueprint?
(a) Jeris
(b) Augerra
(c) Arkos
(d) Fingo

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Brother Francis' first reaction to the stranger?

2. Why does Brother Francis only hope to find paper artifacts in the fallout shelter?

3. What does the sampetrius place before the papal throne?

4. What is the role of the Devil's Advocate?

5. What decree does the Pope give Francis?

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