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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francis see when he awakes?
(a) a vision of Leibowitz
(b) a buzzard
(c) a vision of New Rome
(d) a wolf

2. What does Aguerra give Francis?
(a) an ancient rifle for protection
(b) gold to ransom the illustrated blueprint
(c) the original blueprint, blessed by the Pope, to bring back to the Order
(d) a rosary blessed by the Pope

3. Why does Taddeo want the documents to be brought to him instead of going to the abbey?
(a) He believes scholars will think conclusions he comes to at the abbey are biased.
(b) He thinks that if he finds out the documents are forged, the monks might try to harm him.
(c) He thinks that the monks at the abbey will try to force him to stay.
(d) He is too ill to travel.

4. Who attacks Francis on his way to Rome?
(a) an ugly, stocky old woman and three young girls
(b) two normal-seeming men who claim that they are angels
(c) a short, normal-seeming robber and his two-headed companion
(d) two brawny, muscled men with three eyes

5. Where did Kornhoer get the information to help him create his invention?
(a) from a vision he had in his sleep
(b) from Brother Armbruster
(c) from one hidden book he deciphered
(d) from fragments of documents in the abbey

6. What does Flaught conclude about Francis' story?
(a) It is important evidence.
(b) It is a manufactured response, made up by the monks together.
(c) It is a true miracle.
(d) It is trivial.

7. What does Flaught conclude about Francis' blueprint?
(a) It shows his misunderstanding of 20th century blueprint processes.
(b) It shows his ability as a forger.
(c) It is a brilliant work of art.
(d) It is a waste of effort.

8. What does Kornhoer want to remove from the alcove where Taddeo will work?
(a) a poster that covers the window
(b) a statue that takes up desk space
(c) a crucifix that blocks the light
(d) a font that blocks the chair

9. What confession prompts Cheroki to withhold absolution from Francis?
(a) Francis' temptation to eat the pilgrim's food
(b) Francis' story about finding the relics
(c) Francis' altercation with the pilgrim
(d) Francis' failure to finish his shelter

10. Why is Brother Francis reluctant to speak to the pilgrim?
(a) He has taken a vow of silence and can't remember how to talk.
(b) His throat is hoarse, and it hurts to talk.
(c) He is not allowed to speak during his fast.
(d) He's not sure if the pilgrim will attack him.

11. How long is the journey from the abbey to New Rome?
(a) three weeks
(b) three days
(c) three years
(d) three months

12. What does Francis believe is the most significant event that happened to him in the desert?
(a) building a shelter for himself
(b) finding the fallout shelter
(c) meeting the old man
(d) finding the relics of Leibowitz

13. Venerable Boedullus created a lake by _____________________________.
(a) rerouting a river
(b) digging for 50 years
(c) praying for the lake to appear
(d) accidentally setting off a weapon

14. What does the abbot do when he finds out that Francis is planning a complex, illustrated project glorifying Leibowitz's blueprint?
(a) orders Francis to stop work on the project immediately
(b) sends Francis back to work in the kitchen
(c) revokes Francis's vocation
(d) shrugs and walk away

15. Why does Francis fail to complete his shelter?
(a) He cannot find enough rocks to complete the shelter.
(b) He cannot find the right shape rock for the last piece.
(c) He realizes that while he's been in the fallout shelter, wolves have surrounded his shelter.
(d) He spends too much time exploring the fallout shelter and runs out of light.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much weight has Francis lost during his vigil?

2. What does Francis admit about the strange pilgrim?

3. What is Thon Taddeo Pfardentrott interested in?

4. How does Francis try to get the illumination back?

5. Whose skull is rumored to be the skull with the gold tooth?

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