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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decree does the Pope give Francis?
(a) a decree of excommunication against anyone who attacks Francis
(b) a decree of canonization officializing the canoniation of St. Leibowitz
(c) a decree of service rewarding Francis for everything he's done in honor of St. Leibowitz
(d) a decree of honor awarding Francis a high place in his order

2. Why is Brother Francis reluctant to speak to the pilgrim?
(a) He's not sure if the pilgrim will attack him.
(b) He has taken a vow of silence and can't remember how to talk.
(c) He is not allowed to speak during his fast.
(d) His throat is hoarse, and it hurts to talk.

3. What do the Dominicans find in the sealed inner chamber of the Fallout Shelter?
(a) a miraculously preserved body
(b) 15 skeletons
(c) blueprint making materials
(d) a treasure trove of electronic equipment

4. Where did Kornhoer get the information to help him create his invention?
(a) from one hidden book he deciphered
(b) from a vision he had in his sleep
(c) from fragments of documents in the abbey
(d) from Brother Armbruster

5. Why does the Pope say Francis' time creating the illustrated blueprint was not wasted?
(a) No time spent in labor of God is ever wasted.
(b) The illustrated blueprint is still beautiful, even though it is lost.
(c) The Pope says that Francis's time won't be wasted if the blueprint is recovered.
(d) His efforts caused the robber to take the illustrated blueprint instead of the real relic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Paulo do to make the Poet shut up?

2. About what do Dr. Cors and Zerchi disagree?

3. How does Taddeo think the monks may react to his ideas?

4. Cheroki's reaction to Francis' confession is ____________.

5. What is Francis' pet project as a copyist?

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