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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Francis believe is the most significant event that happened to him in the desert?
(a) building a shelter for himself
(b) meeting the old man
(c) finding the fallout shelter
(d) finding the relics of Leibowitz

2. What is the purpose of Francis' black eye patch?
(a) to keep the dust from irritating his infected eye
(b) to stop his wandering eye from looking off the path
(c) to suggest to the superstitious that he has the evil eye
(d) to show that he has one eye always trained on heaven

3. What does the Pope decide, based on the evidence?
(a) to remove Leibowitz's name from the rolls of possible cannonization
(b) to disband the Albertine Order of Leibowitz
(c) to hold a second investigation
(d) to canonize Leibowitz

4. To what does Cheroki compare Francis' desire to have a vocation?
(a) a vulture's attraction to a dead beast
(b) a mouse's desire to run into a hole
(c) a dog's desire for a bone
(d) a cat's desire to study birds

5. Why does the robber take the illumination instead of the original?
(a) The robber is afraid of excommunication from New Rome if he steals the relic.
(b) The robber is afraid the Church will kill him if he steals the relic.
(c) The robber is religious and wants the true relic to go to Rome.
(d) The gold-embellished illumination appears more valuable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who insists that Francis must complete his illuminated blueprint?

2. Why is Brother Francis reluctant to speak to the pilgrim?

3. What does the pilgrim have to eat?

4. What does Brother Francis at first believe is in the hole?

5. What is the role of the Devil's Advocate?

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