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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Francis believe the strange pilgrim was supernatural?
(a) Yes, but he admits the stranger may have been an ordinary man.
(b) No, he believes the pilgrim was an ordinary man but doesn't know what happened to him.
(c) Yes, he is completely convinced the stranger was actually St. Leibowitz.
(d) No, he realizes the stranger was an ordinary man who tricked him and planned an escape through the mountains.

2. What reason does the Abbot give for disbelieving the story of the pilgrim?
(a) Another novice walking along the road saw no one.
(b) No pilgrim stopped at the abbey.
(c) He gives no reason.
(d) The road is blocked, so no one could have come through.

3. Is Leibowitz a saint at the beginning of the novel?
(a) Yes, he was canonized long ago.
(b) No, and the monks have given up on having him canonized.
(c) Yes, he was recently canonized.
(d) No, he is not yet canonized.

4. How much weight has Francis lost during his vigil?
(a) 20 pounds
(b) 40 pounds
(c) 10 pounds
(d) 30 pounds

5. What does Francis see when he awakes?
(a) a wolf
(b) a vision of Leibowitz
(c) a vision of New Rome
(d) a buzzard

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Francis confess to eating?

2. Why does Francis fail to complete his shelter?

3. How does Francis initially think blueprints were produced?

4. What does Brother Francis find that lets him know the fallout shelter hasn't been plundered?

5. With what does the Abbot hit Francis?

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