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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?
(a) juice
(b) milk
(c) water
(d) beer

2. What does Paulo refuse to do?
(a) see a doctor
(b) allow Kornhoer's invention to remain assembled
(c) greet Taddeo on his arrival
(d) allow Taddeo in the abbey

3. What does Abbot Arkos dislike about Fingo's figure of Leibowitz?
(a) its overlarge ears
(b) its wry smile
(c) its overlarge belly
(d) its laughing eyes

4. What does Francis say about the rumors surrounding his meeting of the pilgrim?
(a) The rumors are true, but with some exaggeration.
(b) Most of the rumors are completely false.
(c) About have the rumors are true.
(d) Most of the rumors are completely true.

5. Why does Taddeo want the measurement of how deep the wood is worn down at the entrance to the refectory?
(a) as evidence of how well cared for the abbey is
(b) to have evidence of how many monks passed through over how many years
(c) to find out if there are forgotten secret passages in the abbey
(d) to find out the average weight of the monks over the years

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Francis see when he awakes?

2. How many monks does it take to run the invention?

3. Wat does Taddeo accuse the monks of doing?

4. What does Paulo find in a vase of water in the guesthouse?

5. How will the Church transport the Memorabilia?

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