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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who attacks Francis on his way to Rome?
(a) two brawny, muscled men with three eyes
(b) an ugly, stocky old woman and three young girls
(c) two normal-seeming men who claim that they are angels
(d) a short, normal-seeming robber and his two-headed companion

2. How old does the Old Jew claim to be?
(a) 2,309
(b) 1,219
(c) 3,209
(d) 329

3. Why does Arkos let Francis take his vows in the Albertine Order of Leibowitz?
(a) Francis threatens to go over Arkos's head to New Rome.
(b) Francis' relics apear to be genunie.
(c) Francis has shown true humility.
(d) Francis has finally changed his story.

4. Where does the Abbot send Francis?
(a) back to his vigil in a new location
(b) back to the ruins
(c) to his room to meditate on his sins
(d) to the infirmary

5. What does the Abbot want Francis to deny?
(a) that he found the relics
(b) that he has a vocation
(c) that he saw a pilgrim
(d) that he was prideful

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Paulo treat the Old Jew?

2. Who does Paulo kick out of the guesthouse?

3. What does Benjamin offer Paulo to drink?

4. What offer does the robber finally make Francis?

5. What reason does the Abbot give for disbelieving the story of the pilgrim?

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