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Albertine Order of Leibowitz (AOL)

This is the monastic order established by New Rome to preserve human history, started officially 12 years after the founder grows convinced his wife has perished in the Flame Deluge, joins the Cistercians, is ordained priest, and collects a band of followers.


The 38th-century apparatus is designed to transcribe, translate, and transmit messages.

The Asian Coalition

The 38th-century political entity charged with breaking international law and detonating a nuclear weapon, this group denies responsibility and takes to the World Court its demands another group be punished for an explosion at Itu Wan.

The Fallout Shelter

A vestige of the mid-20th century, intended to keep people alive in case of a nuclear attack, Brother Francis discovers this near his desert hermitage.

The Flame Deluge (Diluvium Ignis)

The universal nuclear holocaust that destroys American-European civilization in the mid-1960s.

Green Star Relief Stations


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