A Canticle for Leibowitz Character Descriptions

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Saint Isaac Edward Leibowitz

This blessed person is honored by the monks, who are pushing for his canonization by New Rome.

Benjamin Eleazar bar Joshua

This spindly old person, dressed in burlap, with a hat, staff, sandals, and water bag, is living as a hermit on a desolate arroyo and claims to be 3,209 years old.

Venerable Francis Gerard of Utah, AOL

A naive, 17-year-old novice at the outset of the novel, this character is intent on having a vocation in the Albertine Order of Leibowitz (AOL) and discovers a fallout shelter dating from the mid-20th century, which contains possible relics of Blessed Leibowitz, which are eventually accepted by New Rome.

Father Paulo of Pecos, AOL

The 32nd-century Abbot of Leibowitz Abbey, this fiery, philosophic, and ailing character suffers from painful stomach cramps, an old ailment that has recurred, and broods about death.

Thon Taddeo Pfardentrott, D.N.Sc.

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