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Neil Sheehan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The primary element of chance in the Battle of Ap Bac is which of the following?
(a) Torrential rain.
(b) Blinding dust storm.
(c) Ground fog.
(d) A solar eclipse.

2. Ngo Dinh Diem is very afraid of ________________.
(a) A coup d'etat.
(b) Dealing with the Chinese Communists.
(c) Being on the losing side against the Vietcong.
(d) Flying.

3. Where do the H-21 Hueys initially land during the Battle of Ap Bac?
(a) The Hueys didn't get to land.
(b) Rice paddies.
(c) Hilltops.
(d) Open field.

4. The Communist forces of North Vietnam are led by which of the following men?
(a) Ngo Dinh Diem.
(b) Mao Tse-Tung.
(c) General Huynh Van Cao.
(d) Ho Chi Minh.

5. John Paul Vann requests the following equipment to help the M-113s navigate across the various canals in the battlefield:
(a) Portable bridges.
(b) Amphibious troop carriers.
(c) Half tracks.
(d) Bulldozers.

6. What is John Paul Vann's call sign during the Battle of Ap Bac?
(a) Red Rooster.
(b) Gold Leader.
(c) Topper Six.
(d) Walrus.

7. After numerous wars with the Chinese and the French, the Vietnamese adopt the following military philosophy which gives the forces of Ho Chi Minh courage during the First and Second Indochina Wars:
(a) An ostensibly weaker force, properly guided, can defeat a stronger one.
(b) He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.
(c) Non-violence is better than war.
(d) Dominance through superior numbers is the only path to victory.

8. How many ARVN helicopters are downed by the VC forces during the battle?
(a) 7.
(b) All of them.
(c) 10.
(d) 5.

9. The ARVN commanders feel ____________ to the forces of the Vietcong.
(a) Equal to
(b) Inferior
(c) Superior
(d) Allegiance with

10. What are the two key reasons why the ARVN forces did not soundly defeat the VC at Ap Bac?
(a) Poor communications and timing.
(b) Lack of air support and inferior weapons.
(c) Insufficient men and munitions.
(d) Bad advise from the Americans and no armor support.

11. On what date do the American advisers and ARVN military commanders begin planning the offensive at Ap Bac?
(a) December 28, 1962.
(b) December 25, 1963.
(c) January 2, 1963.
(d) July 4, 1962.

12. Which of the following is true regarding the interrogation tactics of the Vietnamese and Cambodian "Rangers"?
(a) They were very cruel and often wound up killing their captives.
(b) They did not capture anyone, but rather killed them on the field of battle.
(c) They were considerate and polite.
(d) They adhered strictly to the Geneva Convention with regard to interrogation techniques.

13. According to John Paul Vann, General Huynh Van Cao is more concerned with ________________________ than winning the war.
(a) Losing his job or a promotion
(b) Letting the Americans run the wartime operations
(c) Looking bad on television
(d) Getting shot in the line of duty

14. The name for the pro-North Vietnamese forces based in South Vietnam is the ___________________.
(a) Communist Army of South Vietnam.
(b) People's Liberation Army.
(c) National Liberation Front.
(d) The Resistance.

15. John Paul Vann is a risk-taker to such a degree that other soldiers were amazed at his bravado (or foolhardiness). How is this personality trait described by those that knew him?
(a) Death Wish.
(b) The Vann Luck.
(c) Vann's Utter Madness.
(d) The Luck of the Irish.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the early 1960s, the Vietcong forces are _______________ in comparison to the ARVN troops.

2. Who is John Paul Vann's immediate superior?

3. Which parallel is the dividing line between North and South Vietnam?

4. John Paul Vann is born during what era?

5. What age is John Paul Vann when he was first deployed to South Vietnam in 1962?

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